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  1. We have been looking at some micro fleece blankets that we can buy from $1.49 - $3.00 each. Possibly labeling or embroidering them with a message: " Courtesy of ...." And just leave them with the patient as a gift/advertising/ PR gimmick.
  2. I understand the user wanting a duty belt. I used one from time to time as well as when I was a LEO. Give her a break, a radio, pager, cellphone, shears, whatever.... I aways carried a small light and at times pepper spray.... I appreciated being able to drop the duty belt and gear in one motion while in quarters or coming on of going off duty. You might want look into the Velcro lined duty belt that mates to a uniform pants belt that has the matching Velcro on it. Then, no more keepers or chasing the end of your uniform belt when you drop your keepers to shed the duty belt.
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