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  1. HI Dave Thanks so much for the info. I have had little luck finding info on the program there. I have sent a few emails now and have not heard from them. But I think that a phone call would be the way to go. Thanks again!
  2. Awesome! Thanks so much for the advise. I will take it to heart and do what you have suggested. Thanks again
  3. Yes they do have a EMT program however I think it is new (How new I'm not sure). They are running a serial now and will have another in the fall. They have had a paramedic course for awhile now and have heard mostly good things about it.
  4. Hi there Does anyone know someone or has themselves taken the EMT program at the above school? I'm just trying to find out the quality of the course and instruction of the program. It seems like a perfect fit for me but I just want to get some opinions form others out there. I did find that the course is approved by ACP and CMA. Thanks in advance!
  5. I was wondering if anyone here is or has taken the EMT course at LCC which is partnered with NAIT? I was hoping to find out the quality of the program and what type of class schedule they run (ie Timings and days). I know SAIT runs its program 2 days a week every other week. If anyone has any info on this program I would greatly apprecieate it! Thanks
  6. Hi all I'm from the Sunny South (Alberta). Just got my EMR Reg in March and am hoping to get my EMT in the next year or so. I work with National Defence totally unrelated to EMS so I have to manage work and kids plus trying to get my EMT. So if anyone can suggest a good weekend/PT EMT course I'm all ears! I hear that Flatline does a weekend course. From the posting I have read on this site there program has gotten a lot better than it was in the past. By the way this is a great site! Being new to the EMS field I have found this a wealth of valuable information.
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