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  1. Good luck-be cool. cheers.
  2. Yes I am , but since you know the old saying, Dont throw stones if you live in a glass house. I will answear questions but only in a positive light. I still live in the downriver area. I was supposed to work in the UP but 22,000 to work 5 24 hours shifts a week did not cut the mustard. Currently looking for work and seeking a Florida position. if nothing found sooner. Cheers.
  3. 15 years ago, My first job was with Community EMS, and I have also worked for Healthlink- been there , done that, got that T-shirt. I have worked Basic-EMT-S and paramedic. The fire departments in the Down river area are downsizing so you should see some action. Just remember do your CAB-IPS-and head to toe survey. You sound like a smart individual- so your already one up on your co-workers. Cheers.
  4. Thanks alot. Thanks for the info. I am blogging/looking up info on job and companies. Seemed kinda weird they would pay me 100,000 to suture and give out sudafed and Pen-VK. Or Afrin and ASA. Thanks. Be safe.
  5. Thank-you that clears things up a bit. Regards.
  6. Hello Sir's and ma'am's has anyone got the skinny or 411 on Dynacorps. Been offered a job as a medic on a FOB. Forward operating base in Afganistan. Pay is good, but I have my reservations about the company.? Any info is Good. Cheers to all. Regards. Signed , Stupid Yank.
  7. Back in the day I was in the Military- I was a search and rescue medic, ussually I was called in via helocopter when the patient was already circling the drain, now the military lets you do quite a bit more then civvy medics, but when I talked to the Flight surgeons- I would say, Since we have no radio comm with the ship- IE I cant talk to the Doctor, when am I allowed to do? The Doc said do whatecver the pt needs, do what your comforable to do, oh and one more thing, Dont kill the patient. That included chest tubes , mesentary bleeds, cut downs, the whole 9 yards. So I just had to know, where when and why. Thats my version of Practicing fearless Paramedicine. I used to pray the Shepards prarer before every mission, dear god, please dont let me screw up>
  8. Correct Sir. NVG's are Night Vision Goggles. The Marines were short on supplies- I used to fly SAR missions with no NVG's- I would get in the Huey- sit with my trauma kit- No ICS cord, no nvg's, get in the Suicide seat. (thats were the transmission came out in a water crash. We would fly 150 knots 50 feet above the trees. If someone crashed-hit telephone wires or power lines. I was the man. Flying low was due to no SAM (surface to air missle> shoulder held.)could be shot at us. By the time we flew by-no possible lock on with sam missle. Infrared or heat seeker. So basically I was crew, screaming 150 knots 50 feet above the trees. Could not see shit- could not even say oh shit before hiiting the ground or object. But that was the job. SAR Corpsman- or the NAVY called us In flight medical technicians. Boy I can tell you, that job had a short life span. Me being a irish catholic, if I had been carrying a rosary- the beads would have been wore out from me praying, before, during, and after missions. The Marine Officer pilots, Crew chiefs and Door gunners had a high dosage of guts. they were the bravest souls I had ever met. OH RaaH Semper FI.
  9. I flew search and rescue in pensacola Florida- we used to respond to calls like- Man drowning(thank god for rescue swimmers)-ship sinking, Big ship sinking, jet crashed, pilot ejected. Blue Angels touched wings during training mission go on stand-by. kid missing near everglades with alligators in area. Just really hyped calls. I was a NREMT basic, we had a trauma bag with limited airway stuff, no pain meds- and enough stuff to treat maybee two trauma casess, We trained trained and trained some more so that lots of bad calls were just second nature. We had a flight surgeon who said first thing you do on scene is take your own pulse, follow your ABC's, and if nothing else remember to put the patient in the stokes liter or cot and fly them to the hospital. or get the patient in the cot/ambulance and drive them to the hospital. Currently I am a medic for 15 years-8 years on the road and 6 months in the ER.Now Military stuff and civvy stuff are two different animals- but do your training and remember your basics. With out good CPR and Airway control- ACLS does not work as well. My first call as a brand new basic corpsman was watching 3 marines get burried alive by a tank- Got the first two out in time, guy 3 was bluer than poppa smurf and had suffocated- we worked him anyway-.So my first call as a corpsman my patient died.Talk about depressing, then my first pilot ejection, a marine captain ejected from his burning Harrior jet, he was dead also Broken neck-Broken arm- Torn Aorta,- Just about all my patients as a SAR corpsman were Dead. But I stayed in EMS and learned from every call- and used my knowledge to help others. My kit was so limited that on night missions(without NVG's) I had to put a roll of white tape on the patients chest to watch it go up and down just to see if they were breathing. we learned to adapt and overcome and do the best with what we had. Hang in there-I do this job beacause I like to make a difference. Good luck. Watch your six.
  10. Thanks for the input, our protocols were I currently live are very outdated.
  11. Thanks for the input, the last place I worked it was not used in our protolcols, only used it when transfering Burn Patients on a vent taking them to the Burn unit. Seemed to work well. Kept them sedated and even restrained the folks were trying to pull out the tube.
  12. Moving to a new Drug Box, just wondering the folks that have Versed in the drug box, How often do you use it. The new protocols have Versed in the kit. Thanks for any input.
  13. Enjoy your 15 minutes of fame. I had 5 minutes once- while doing a Red Bull Air Race- I was on the Discovery channel for 6 seconds- any one want a autograph?
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