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  1. Good luck to you too...part of me envys you, part of me doesnt!
  2. Thanks 'theotherphil'... However its dead tricky getting on a para course within my trust. Theres only about 2 intakes a year and its a 'if your face fits' kind of thing instead of looking at your skills. But I shall perserve. Thanks again.
  3. Thanks all of you for your help, I appreciate it... As for you bushy....one can only hope that your lack of self esteem due to non-aussie medics kicking your ass out there will some day be replenished...until then :wink:
  4. If I wanted to transfer to Australia from the Uk where I am an IHCD certified EMT would I have to take any additional courses/exams etc? Does anyone know what the pay is like out there? thanks.
  5. Hi, dont know if this will be any help but you can print info off this website www.emas.nhs.uk which is in the UK. Hope this helps. Other than that, www.scat.nhs.uk.
  6. Somedic.... What type of system am I with? Not exactly sure of what you mean. We're all IHCD trained here, not sure what your equivalent is. Up to level 3. Im in Buckinghamshire, outskirts of London. The Chilterns? Hope this is helpful...
  7. Dustdevil... interested indeed. Tell me more about what exactly you're doing etc, what it involves etc....
  8. It is a sad but true fact that I am indeed British, born and bred. Im currently working in the South East where life is dull! Anyways, we cant all have fabulously exciting jobs in far away places.... but I want one! Today I can tell you that the sky is grey, the wind is cold and I cant stop sneezing (nor complaining!). So if I have passed the test what do you know?? :wink:
  9. Hi there. Can anyone tell me whether there is a particular way in which to go about exchanging with another EMT in a different country? Ideally looking to work somewhere in the field but am unsure whether this is actually possible. Other than that, no real objections to working anywhere so if someone knows something out there, let me know. Thanks!
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