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  1. Hi all Gosh, how funny to be back here after nearly ten years absent. I was researching something for work and it led me onto a report about the ambulance service, which reminded me about how all those years ago (now) that I used to make posts here and how, at that tie, being something quite new and interesting to me, I became a little, well .... hyperinterested .... in it. Ahahaha, I laugh at how much of a wanker I probably made of myself and how long ago that was. I think it was the year I first went to work at summer camp which included a medical first responder course. Maybe it was the year after, I can't remember. Anyway .... I eventually did get on with my medical degree. I was then sitting in the medical library one day and it hit me I didn't really want to be a junior doctor studying and working horrid hours and such into my 40s. I wanted to be an emergency physician or intensivist so no private practice, all in the pubic system, so the nights, weekends, etc are a part of life. I thought bugger this. The uni said I could do nursing or pharmacy instead. My friend is a pharmacist and he is like stay away mate. So I have, and I'm glad I did. So instead, I became a barrister* specialising in defence and various other bits and pieces, including our statutory accident compensation scheme, good bit of medical stuff involved there so super interesting plus I can understand most of the terms. It's basically the same as being a doc; see, diagnose, treat. Just no first-hand blood involved. It's not bad and I'm happy enough. I did go on a nice date with a House Officer not long ago. The irony is not lost on me. She wants to seme again so that's good I reckon. Well, good one, thought some of you would chuckle at this. It's also good for a bit of the nostalgia, which I'm getting a bit all about now that 40 is closer and closer. Take care all Kiwi * We have a fused profession so unlike in England where one is either a barrister or a solicitor, I am both but I tend to take work from outside referrals which more closely resembles a barrister. I'll be applying to be a barrister sole probably at the end of the year.
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