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  1. savingbabies added a post in a topic Accelerated EMT-B Program   

    I recently completed the UCLA 15 day / 3 week accellerated program. Half of each day was lecture + testing with the other half dedicated to skills. Most of the staff was made up of veteran peramedics and it costs $1000.

    So how was it? Hard as hell. You are required to keep an 80% test average over 6 exams and a final. In order to take the final and complete the class you have to have an 80% average on the 6 tests which is very hard for people taking in the material for the first time. For instance, the student is presented with a large amount of material and then tested on it the next day. Suffice to say I averaged about 3 hours of sleep a night in order to study enough. Once you have taken and passed the accumulative final then you have to pass the skills testing in order to graduate. Which is verbally giving a head to toe rapid trauma assessment and about 10 other skills while being graded publically by the instructors.

    Nevertheless. I passed the class. I passed the national on my first try and everyone I have ridden along with has been impressed with my knowledge and skills. And most importantly I got a job.

    So UCLA's program was great for me. And a lot of others. For people that pass the class and go on to pass the national average 93%. However there were many that dont pass the class and dont get a refund or a chance to take the national. And there were some people in my class that had taken other classes in the LA area that were full term 12 week curricullum and had failed the national more than once. But then passed the national after UCLA.

    Most importantly look at the students first time national pass rate. If they can prepare a high percentage to pass that in 3 weeks they are probobly doing something right.
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