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  1. kscrow added a topic in Meet and Greet   

    Not very popular
    How does one get banned from a forum just for being who they are? LOL.

    I guess EMTlife is a little paranoid about me being on their network as I have been notified today that I have been banned for 6 months for "infractions".

    Infractions? I didn't even get a chance to post anything! I guess signing up is an infraction in itself if you are me

    Anyways, I hope to find a more welcoming group here at emtcity.

    Glad to be here!

    Christopher Webb
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  2. kscrow added a topic in General EMS Discussion   

    EMS Health and Retirement Benefits
    I work as a consultant in the ambulance industry and am conducting some research on Health and Retirement benefits for EMTs and Paramedics. What we are finding so far is very interesting when we look at private ambulance comapanies versus fire departments. What's your story? Do you have input you'd like to share?
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