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  1. threemilerun added a topic in Training - Everything Else   

    Additional Education
     Looking to do some additional education eg a Critical Care Course or something similar. I need it to be a mixture of online and in person training and was wondering had anybody come accross any courses?
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  2. threemilerun added a post in a topic NREMT-P recertification   

    i did.....they said go inactive but I am not sure if the person I was talking too knew what i was talking about!
    Could I recertify by exam...and if so how many chances do I get?

    i am also getting told different things by other people!
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  3. threemilerun added a topic in General EMS Discussion   

    NREMT-P recertification
    I am not living in the US at the moment but am trying to keep myself registered as a NREMT-Paramedic.
    My question is if I complete a recgonised refresher program and additional training approved by the NR can I still get recertified? or do I need to be working for a US service?...I am currently working for a service in the UK.
    Has anyone tried to recertify but been based oversea`s and working for a non US service?
    Thx guys!
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  4. threemilerun added a post in a topic Can Canadians register for NREMT test without SSN?   

    I have friends who have taken the NREMT and are from other countries and do not have SS numbers...I believe they contacted the National Registry and were provided a generic one to enter when enrolling.
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  5. threemilerun added a topic in U.K.   

    JRCALC 2006 Ped drug dosages
    I`ve been reviewing drug calculations for pediatrics for UK paramedics based on the JRcalc 2006 and am confused!..drug calcualtions do not seem to be made by weight but each drug has a specific dosage for each year of age and month of age in the first year of life......how are paramedics supposed to remember them without a formula.....any thoughts from UK paramedics?
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  6. threemilerun added a topic in U.K.   

    UK Paramedic working standards
    What standards are UK paramedic working to?,,,Is it JRCALC 2006?
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  7. threemilerun added a topic in General EMS Discussion   

    NREMT Paramedic 48 hour Refresher
    Hi guys ,
    Can anyone recommend a good online refresher course as I am working out of the country?
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  8. threemilerun added a topic in General EMS Discussion   

    Help Needed with Contacts in Paramedic services
    I am looking to make contact with someone who is involved in a voluntary or non voluntary service that run paramedic calls. I am a NREMT-Paramedic and  need to put hours up on the road but need flexibility with scheduling. I would be travelling in from abroad. To achieve paramedic reciprocity in the country where I now live now I have to work some more road time.I am just not in a position to move back to the US right at this moment.
    Willing to work all the worst shifts and the worst calls!
    I tried contacting some services direct but responses are difficult to get.
    Hoping I can make some contacts...all help appreciated!!
    Please PM direct if easier
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  9. threemilerun added a post in a topic NREMT-P States   

    [quote name='spenac' timestamp='1354987446' post='291232']
    Even with NR some require you to take a state test as well. Other states just take your cash and a copy of your NR. NR is not a license to practice just shows you passed a test.

    I am trying to find out which States do not require an State test aswell.......thought people might know of a few?
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  10. threemilerun added a topic in NREMT and other tests.   

    NREMT-P States
    Any body know what States accept the NREMT-Paramedic cert instead of a State exam to practise?
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  11. threemilerun added a post in a topic Volunteer Services on East Coast   

    [quote name='ems94' timestamp='1354509605' post='290995']
    Our volunteer dept takes 4 months. You have to make three consecutive meetings ( last Monday of every month) third meeting they vote fourth meeting you're active
    |Do you run ACLS calls?
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  12. threemilerun added a post in a topic Volunteer Services on East Coast   

    [quote name='crashwilley' timestamp='1354294967' post='290919']
    Just a thought.....

    you may not be able to just jump into a dept for a few weeks. In our volunteer dept for example, you need to be a member to run....otherwise you are not covered by our insurance while you're on the job..and to be a member, you have to be nominated, wait a month, then voted in. I'm not sure how other volley depts run tho.

    Also, you would have to be up to date on your county's protocols , something that varies from region to region. Running w/ a dept for a few weeks doesn't really seem viable...imho of course :) but good luck!

    I was looking to do a year of ride along time...eg 1000 hours spread out over a year
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  13. threemilerun added a post in a topic Volunteer Services on East Coast   

    Does anybody happen to work for any of these services on the East Coast of America that I might be able to bounce some ideas off?
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  14. threemilerun added a post in a topic Volunteer Services on East Coast   

    I hear yeah!!just looking for a service anywhere near an international airport that could mutually benefit
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  15. threemilerun added a post in a topic Volunteer Services on East Coast   

    North America
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