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Be one with the pillow . Seriously , for me , reading or writing poetry gets me relaxed enough . I've been known to zonk out when there's a nice cool breeze blowing while I'm fishing too . I once got woke up by a game warden . OOPS. Find something that relaxes you and you'll soon be making mad , passionate zzzzzzzzzzzzzz's . :sleepy2:

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drugs, legal or otherwise are not your answer

I have found that it will even out and get better over time.

If you find that you are still not sleeping for many more days then a trip to your doctor would be the best bet.

AS for home environment

1. dark dark window shades

2. Comfortable bed

3. shower before bed(if just to relax)

4. Warm milk or a glass of water

5. They have these radios or music players that play "get to sleep" music or sounds

6. DO NOT EAT anything within two hours of bed time.

7. Do not watch tv within 2 hours of bedtime

8. If you cannot get to sleep within 45 minutes of going to bed then get up and do something for 1 hour only. The go back to bed.

9. IF you feel like you are forgetting something, I have found that if I fill out a list of things I'd like to do the next day that helps me sleep.

And if all else fails, Go get a 1992 version of the ACLS book and read it. You'll be asleep in 10 minutes. Never fails.

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