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Inter-facility transports


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it was a construction area, and had a red light. it made the cars move and i give up. i forgot what the orig. question was.

Ok, now this concerns me. Please tell me that you didn't force cars through an intersection against a red light.

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Ya know... this last two pages has almost made me completely change my mind about EMS running non-emergency transfers. :? It almost makes me think, 'hey, maybe everybody should have medical evaluation when being transported home from their doctor's appointment,' so that wankers won’t be making these kinds of mistakes.

Then I realised, the problem isn't that this person needed medical evaluation or care. The problem is that she was being transported by people with no education whose big dream in life is to be EMS and run their siren, and they will jump on -- or manufacture -- any opportunity to do so, justified or not.

It just reinforces my original position. Take the wannabes out of the horizontal taxi business altogether by completely separating it from EMS in every way.

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example of way an ambulance is needed.....I had a pt that needed transport from hosp to nursing home. I was driving my partner was in the back with her. The PA that was in charge said that she was fine and could go 'home'. The pt had a little anxiety, but was otherwise fine. Enroute to the 'home' her blood pressure went throughout the roof and would not calm down. Right there my partner and I had to make the choice of turning around or not. My partner said f... it and we turned around and was able to use our lights and sirens and make it back to the hosp without having any trouble. Now would a taxi be able to do that? I don't think so. Just because the pts seem like they can walk, you have to remember that any pt can be healthy one minute and crash the next. Our company has a few ambulances, they are used for many different reasons. We are all here to help people and that is what I will continue to do!

That was your post Eroemmich just so you get an idea where the criticism of your actions is coming from.

You then said you forced them thru a red light at a construction zone.

My response starts here:

Ahhh a construction zone. One that is inherently dangerous to begin with.

You didn't force cars thru the red light did you? If you did then please start over and get some defensive or emergency driving skills please.

What I also want to know is how far you drove with the patient before your partner realized that her blood pressure had gone thru the roof.

You never did say what her pressure was that made you so concerned.

Did you call the hospital and talk to the physician? Or did you just run amok and go back to the hospital? Did you call the hospital with a report or just show up?

Theres so much missing from your posts that I can't make a judgement either way.

I'd like to discuss this with you further to help you understand why we are being so critical. PM me and we can chat via IM or some sort of chat mechanism. I am not sure you understand the inherent dangers of going lights and sirens.

I also don't think you understand that the reason you are being chastised here is that there are many many people on this site who have years of experience and we've done what you did and some have paid some pretty high prices for doing what you did.

Finally, I am harping on the blood pressure thing because I'm concerned that your partner got in over his head or just didn't recognize what was actually going on. A blood pressure just doesn't go thru the roof and not calm down. I think he may have gotten a high reading and her agitation may have made him very uncomfortable and thus he freaked out.

Maybe we can turn this from a slam fest on you to an education experience where you and your partner learn something in the end. Maybe not.

We are really here to help you and make you a better provider.

The offer is extended, it's up to you to PM me and accept the offer.

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Either that, or else you just really have a hard time communicating clearly.

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it was a construction area, and had a red light. it made the cars move and i give up. i forgot what the orig. question was.

Your words exactly as written by you Eroemmich.


it sure sounds like you forced them thru the light. And let's keep God out of this discussion. I think God can make up his own mind if he thinks you are that dumb. I on the other hand have mixed opinions.

Stop getting so dang defensive. Your posts have been fraught with fractious information and minimal information which has left us to for opinions of both your driving and your comprehension of our questions.

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It's all just part of the job. I think going by ambulance may be a preventitive measure. If patient has a problem enroute to the long term care facility, there is not much a community van driver will be able to do for them.

OKAY now put an ambulance at every house it's a preventative measure not much a husband, wife, child or other untrained person can do. :twisted: No it's a scam. It makes EMS nothing more than taxi drivers and low paid ones at that :) . If there is not an immediate emergency ambulances should not be used.

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That still leaves a lot of questions. Who staffs these different divisions? Do division 2 and 3 personnel still have to be EMTs? Why, or why not? Are those division 2 and 3 vehicles still ambulances, complete with red lights and sirens? Is there any cross-pollination of personnel, or are they completely separate? Is this an exclusive service, excluding all other companies from operating in the area, or is there competition? And what exactly is the purpose of running both services from one agency? Profit? The fire department doesn't make a profit. The street department doesn't make a profit. The parks and libraries don't make profits. Who says EMS has to make a profit?

if you look at the Uk model within the NHS you have the 2/ 3 different parts of the service

division 1 in the original post matches with A+E vehicles -rememberign that Uk techs are reasonably well prepared (10- 12 wk course + driving course + 12 months probation) and UK paramedics are Health professionals in theor own right

division 2 in the Op matches with the 'middle tier' increasingly seen in the Uk - who staff are still trained more in depth than EMT-B ...

doing admissions, BLS interfacility , andsome otherstuff that requires or has the potnetial to require EMS intervention

division 3 is Patient transport - Uk PTS crews often have 120 + hours of basic ambulance aid training yet don't go to emergencies except perhaps as First responders to clock stop .... the vehicles are still 'ambulances' within the broadest defintion but don't have lights and noise etc.

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