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Inter-facility transports


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In order for us to accept a transfer, a signed waiver of necessity must be signed by the MD.

Spenac, I'm not dissing you or trying to play dumb but can you please clarify how we're robbing tax-payers money when we're providing a service in which no on else in Lee county can?

Number 1 I have seen to many falsified Medical Necessity forms to give them any value.

Number 2 I am not saying all transfers do not need an ambulance. Just from my experience and from talking talking to those that own businesses that do transfers, most of these patients do not need an ambulance. The little old lady that wants to get to an appointment in order to get meds refilled does not need an ambulance. The guy needing emergency bypass surgery but he's at a bandaid hospital and needs to get to a cardiac hospital ASAP needs an ambulance.

Services and doctors that write up transfers that are not emergencys as if they were are guilty of fraud.

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Ditto on the crap medical necessity forms. I've seen my share of ER discharges to pt's residence that could have been carried out by the little yellow car with the sign on top.

Instead the ER staff decides to call an ambulance, knowing they can get the patient out of their way that much faster. Most often we would get BS medical necessity forms, something along the lines of "Unable to ambulate". Then we watch as granny hops down from the stretcher and moseys out to the bus with her walker...

Some people really know how to screw the system.

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whoa, so he turned on the lights and sirens and moved several cars out of the way? So what happened in the rest of the transfer. If she was critical enough to require lights and siren to get people out of the way then how did you get the other cars out of the way?

so tell me this, what did the hospital do for the patient that you just brought back to them after they had discharged her? Do you know what her treatment there was? Or did they take the patients vitals and then give her back to you. YOu never answered that part.

Yes, due to the fact that we had a pt that was already hyper and there was only a few cars blocking our way. it was a short burst of Siren as to not scare the pt to much.

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L&S are overused by many in my humble opinion.

Either this patient was critical enough to get a full ride with L&S or she wasn't, you don't pick and choose when to use them and when not to during a ride just because you want to "Get a few cars out of the way..."

It's plain ridiculous. It's a safety hazard, and it's irresponsible on the part of your driver.

I'm trying to wean several members of my volly squad off them slowly. It seems to be a shock to their system that they can't have the flashy noisemakers going on every call.

I did have an issue recently where our Asst. Chief ran priority to a 9 y.o. girl unable to urinate. That definitely belongs in the category "Things that make you go WTF?!"

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ok, so you were 4 blocks from the hospital.

How much time did you save? I'd assume about 2 seconds. I would also be surprised how much at risk you put the public in by going L&S for 4 blocks.

Second, you never did say what "Through the roof" was. What was her pressure that required L&S?

Your partner needs to reassess why to use L&S.

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Yes. People caught on to what I was thinking.

My other question, how does high blood pressure turn you "white as a ghost?" That is the first time I have heard that. My experiences have been low blood pressure loses color, high blood pressure increases color. Can someone explain the physiology to me of losing color with a high BP?

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Well, I guess if the carotid arteries were both blocked below the carotid bodies then that would happen. That said, if that was the problem then I'd expect there to be a little more going on then hypertension and decoloration.

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Inability to void can really suck! Depends on how long the gal has not been able to pee... just food for thought... :)

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