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In Your Opinion, What Is Holding USA EMS Back?

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Ignorance vs. Stupidity.

Ignorance is acknowledging one's weakness and then learning to improve one self; where as being stupid is refusing to increase one's knowledge and remaining at that level.

Okay another self acclaimed expert. Thank you for your insight and educated opinion that you obtained from that whopping 150 hour course. I am sure that they taught you the educational basis of competency, skill deterioration,, retainment while you were in that one or two night a week class. Of course, all of this was located in that 10'th grade reading level medical book that you obtained this expertise from.

Sorry, you are poorly informed about nursing, and medical profession and also EMS as well. Please attempt to understand, when one is involved obtaining their nursing license, they attend years... this as in at the least four times the length as well as in multiple courses. Also, after employment mandated education is required. This usually in the form of weekly to monthly in-services, classes, college courses, clinical performance. Much more than the usual 48 or so CEU courses, that Basics are required to have.

As well, nurses and physicians maybe specialized such as in Board Certification above their license. This again, ensures they have increased their education level and as well increased the number of CEU's to be required on top of their regular license.

Of course, I doubt when you performed or check your references, you noticed that there are states that also require CEU's for maintaining license as well.

Now, back to the original post.

Again, thank you for posting. Your opinion, again re-emphasizes our points exactly. Those that they assume they even understand what EMS actually involves. Since you like comparisons, this would be similar to a volunteer nurse aide attempting to understand the nursing profession. Part of it, yes; but really to what degree would you validate their input and understanding? Really, would one take such seriously?

To start calling names and slang, demonstrates the lack of education and understanding of the EMS System and profession. As this thread has demonstrated over and over by those that lack the education and understanding of the EMS Profession. Please refrain if possible, it only deteriorates the image of those that offer excellence as a volunteer.

It is obvious, that you have not kept abreast of this profession. If you would like I will refer to several studies that demonstrate that the EMT course is lacking for minimal care, that the education required to renew EMT certifications is nominal in comparison. Have you examined the Physician Assistant's? One has to have CEU's and re-test the examination, would you consider that easier?

My recommendation is to study and read about the subject, then obtain an informed opinion. Spouting emotional thoughts only displays your feelings.

So call me a Paragod, pompous, or whatever you might. Remember, by doing so only reiterates my point.

R/r 911

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I knew there was a reason that I avoided this place... Arrogant nose pickers that have to pick on everything someone says...... ALright go play in the politics now Hillary.

I will be avoiding this site and making sure everyone knows the way users are treated.

1. Volunteer Providers might find it difficult to juggle a full time job and training

2. Funding for EMS is lacking normally without taxes

3. Get a live and quit making EMS look bad, you must be a FF jerk

MEDIC2005, compare the exchange that happened here to the exchange that happened in this thread between AZCEP and DustDevil.


See the difference, it's in how you take stuff. If you look for persecution, you will find it.

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In what may prove to be a futile attempt to steer the conversation back to the original topic while relating it to the recent literary scuffle between Dust and Medic2005, I personally feel there are several issues holding USA EMS back, but the one I will further discuss is one that I could easily just point to Medic2005 and say, "Pretty much that". Instead, I'll sum it up as a lack of motivation to advance oneself in this career and the insecure, self-righteous ramblings often associated with it.

After reading Medic2005's posts in this topic, I'd say it's fairly safe to assume he is not a Paramedic and perhaps not an Intermediate. Suffice to say, it looks as if Medic is completely content in remaining in a BLS unit for the rest of his career. His regression to the childish "ALS = Always Losing Seconds, BLS = Better Life Savers" bit is a perfect example of this, but seeing the number of other people who also made this observation, I'll get off it before I get accused of beating a dead horse.

But therein lies my point and it's a major pet peeve of mine. If we were to look at a bar chart comparing the number of Basics to Intermediates and Paramedics, the bar for Basics would dwarf the other two, even if one stood on the other's shoulders and tried to extend it's arms out. The Basic bar would still stand there so proud of itself and spouting off lines like, "Paramedics save lives, EMT's save Paramedics" while the other two bars sit off to the side reading their books and studying new protocols like a square. It's when I hear this glorification of mediocrity that my blood starts to boil. Yes, I'm proud of being a Basic, but I in no way consider myself better than any Paramedic, Intermediate, or even other Basics. I only lose respect for them if they prove to me that they have no intention of progressing. For all the guys at my work, they got their Basics for the yearly bonus. They'll never advance, just stay at the bottom of the barrel.

I only intend to be a Basic for as long as I need to before I get my Intermediate (this winter), and then I'll only be an Intermediate for as long as I need to before I know I'll make a competant and informed Paramedic.

Even then, the education never stops, or at least I don't believe it should. But unfortunately, for every one person that thinks like me, there's ten thousand that don't.

In conclusion, what I feel will greatly aid EMS in the US is if more people who took the course to be a Basic, took it with the right intentions, that being to advance all the way to the top and strive to be the best of the best. As has been said many many times on this site, "Go big or go home". If you're not in it to win it, just shut your mouth.

By the way, I'm pretty sure I'm not being entirely clear with my point, but I'm exhausted as I'm typing this, so feel free to question it or ask for clarification. Even feel free to debate it. I'll check back in the morning.

Be safe out there.

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Upton, you have restored a bit of my faith. Thank you for that. I would suggest that you take it easy on the use of the tired cliche, but on the whole a quality post. Take a nap and clear some of the cobwebs. ;)

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