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Thanks to everyone who replied!!!

Im going to be perfectly honest. I hate working out pretty much like everyone else. I do watch what I eat however. I have also been running every other day and I do feel really bad if i skip a day. Im just wondering if having someone workout with me would be a good or bad idea. My best friend wants to get into shape as well but for a totally different reason. Would be a good idea to buddy up and go to a trainer or gym? Also since I've been running for awhile its starting to get boring is there anything else to do while running, such as different forms. I just need to get and idea of what to work on FOR the ems community. Im committed to working out and Im good at sticking to routines, plus I have a lot of spare time. Just let me know.


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Lots of great advice! I would add the importance of learning to do the exercises correctly, and slowly. Know exactly which muscles each exercise is targeting, and remember to breath. It will make a difference in your form and execution. It is unlikely you will build huge muscle mass, however, you will loose the tone you have gained quickly if you are not consistent in your workouts. It is amazing how much progress you lose when you take a few weeks off. Charting out your workouts is helpful, keeping track of weights and reps for each exercise.

For cardio, find something you enjoy doing. Aside from running, there is always skipping, jump rope, stairs, swimming…mix it up so you don't get bored. Working out with a friend is a great idea. Much harder to wimp out if someone is waiting for you to show up......and it can make it more enjoyable for you.

Anyway, the amount most of us are on the computer or watching TV, finding some dedicated time to work out is usually not impossible. Just a matter of priorities. You mentioned you have free time, so thats great. Think of it as a great investment for your mind and body.

Exercise can help insomnia, but don’t work out too close to bedtime. And you know, Grandma was right…warm milk (warm, not hot) will help you sleep.

Good luck! :D

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Swimming laps, yoga, and high-rep lower weight free weights are great. Keeps you toned and flexible without beating the crap out of your joints. Also it provides enough variety you shouldn't get bored.

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Honestly gyms are usually wasted money. Find an activity you enjoy that is very active. You'll get in shape and stick with it.

Good point. The reason gyms are usually a waste of money is simply because people don't stick with it. If you can't get into it as a habit, then yeah... you're going to waste your money. Beware of the long contract hard-sell. "If you sign up for a full year, you'll save 25 percent!" Yeah, that's a good deal if you keep going there after the first month. That can be a powerful incentive to keep working out, for sure, so it's worth considering. But before you sign up for any gym, take an honest appraisal of your commitment and discipline, or you're going to toss a good chunk of money down the drain.

And, as spenac indicated, if there is a physical activity that can hold your interest and commitment long term, that is a good way to go. An intelligent gym plan will always be ideal for overall development and conditioning. But it's better to take what benefits you can get from swimming or kickboxing on a regular basis than the big fat zero you get from never going to the gym you paid a years membership to.

The friend idea sometimes works, but sometimes hurts the friendship.

Yeah, this is an individual thing. I find a workout partner works very well for me. Having somebody to chat with keeps me distracted from clock watching, and the time passes a lot faster, making it easier to stay longer. Of course, your partner has to be at least as devoted as you are, or s/he's going to drag you down and be wanting you to leave before you're finished. Then the interpersonal relationship suffers, which is not good for your workout or for your friendship. On the other hand, if you go regularly, you will likely find friends at the gym with similar interests and schedules that you can share your workout time with. I've had good luck with this. Having friends waiting for you at the gym becomes a good motivator for you to get up and go.

Some people are more solitary creatures though. If you find that you can just stuff the iPod buds in your ears and float off into a zone that allows you to achieve the needed focus and intensity to maximise your workout, then that's cool too. Whatever motivates you is good. Try different things and stick with whatever feels most comfortable to you.

Chaser is right. Technique is extremely important. It's all part of working smart instead of working hard. That's why I suggest a trainer, at least in the beginning. Just imitating what everybody else is doing is not a smart way to go. Even if the person you are imitating looks to be in good shape, you can still pick up some very counterproductive habits from them. Physical education is a science. Use that science in your favour and you will see much better results than you will through random experimentation. And let's face it, if you don't see results quickly, you will likely give up early. Don't sabotage yourself from the beginning by going off half-cocked, without a plan.

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Just a few thoughts from someone who has to stay in shape or loose their career!!!

The way I maintain working out on a regular basis is to have it as part of my schedule. I get up go to gym and then to work. Lucky I have a gym in the building where I work. Once you get the habit of going, you will feel guilty when you miss. I have done the buddy and alone work outs. There are pros and cons to both. I think it is a personal choice.

I hate to run also, but the Army says I have to be able to run 2 miles in a specific time. One way to break up running is to mix in other exercises. I often run in a urban area so what we do is run out half the distance we want to run and on the way back we add exercises. At each street we have to cross we will do an exercise, then do sprint to next intersection. Some times we will concentrate on abs and alternate different exercises at each corner, or it might be a push up day and we do X number of push ups at each corner.

Stretching is a must! Also, there are several books/magazines out there to help you with working out. Muscle and fitness is wonderful. Also, there are instructional videos/DVDS which will give you great guidance on technique.

Best of luck!!


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Again Thanks to all of you,

A lot of you have suggested swimming which is great becuse I do love to swim. There is also and indoor pool near my house so in the winter I can go as well.

I think Im going to go with the advice of a trainer. i know you have to know exactly which places to target and how too as well. I dont want to get hurt trying to figure it out on my own. I also think a trainer will help me with wanting to go too becuase they are counting on me to be there and its money wasted if I skip out.So GREAT idea!

The friend subject: My friend really wants to get toned and build muscle. I know shes really commited to it but shes going for a different reason. Shes 5'2" and weigh 103. Everyone says shes too skinny so shes going to work on building muscle. Im going to strength and cardio. Is it a bad idea since we have two totally different reasons to work out?

Also thanks chaser for the insomnia advice. Ill do that!

Thanks again everyone kepp it coming please.

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The friend subject: My friend really wants to get toned and build muscle. I know shes really commited to it but shes going for a different reason. Shes 5'2" and weigh 103. Everyone says shes too skinny so shes going to work on building muscle. Im going to strength and cardio. Is it a bad idea since we have two totally different reasons to work out?

You could still get together and push each other. Might help you both stick with your chosen workouts.

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