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What type of apparatus do you ride?

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Grrrrr!!! How do I post images!?

Try again.

This is what we run around in. About to be de-commissioned, getting on in years and obviously has no Armour.

They can carry up to four standard NATO litters or roughly ten sitting with seat belts. Piped oxygen, internal suction, working lights and Air Conditioned.

They are six wheel drive and when I say they go anywhere, I mean it. A couple of months ago in Queensland I was in convoy with a standard Marine HUMMVEE and the Marines gave up half-way up the hill we were waiting at the top of. Not much grunt on the highway but they will sit at about 100km/h without much worry. That's about 62MPH.

Any question, feel free to ask.


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Here are three of the vehicles from my service. The SUV is one of our older Paramedic Response Units, I don't have a picture of the new one's but their markings are similar to the District Superintendent car also attached. The type 3 Ambulance that makes up most of the fleet is a Demers Mystere. The interior layout of our vehicles are getting a massive change in the nest year to two years as they move to implement the recommendations made by Dr. Levick's consultation. When implemented we should be the first service in Ontario to have a taillift or ramp system and to do away with the squad bench.




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