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What type of apparatus do you ride?

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New Zealand's fleet is making the transition to Merceedes Sprinters from Fords and Chevvy Silverados. I dont like them, they are not purpose built ambulances and are really, really crappy.

They are bought mainly to proivde the highest possible degree of resale value simply because our funding is not sufficent to buy proper Type III ambulances.

A picture of the interior of what I believe to be an ILS or ALS capable ambulance is below.


You will note two stretchers (which is a historic inclusion and never went away), no cabinets and the fact the patient stretcher is right up against the wall.

The Lifepak 12 up on the left hand side either stays there or on the spare stretcher (on the left) so its prone to sliding around. The orange trauma kit down at the bottom left is the same, it will slide around.

We have long spine boards and the like in an exterior locker by the passengers side door. Note what I believe to be the ALS jump kit on the left hand front beside the passenger seat. All the drugs and stuff are in there. Even that is problematic as you have to dump all your gear on the spare steretcher to use it.

The Paramedic's seat is really only useful for intubating or procedures on the top half of the pt. and therefore rarely used, they'll just sit on the spare stretcher.

Can somebody PLEASE get us a good Ford E450 with some wall side cabinets and a proper interior with only one stretcher? :)

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we have one international ambulance, one newer mini mod I believe it's a braun, and 3 1995 I think mini mods.. that are a bit junky but I live with it.. they work most of the time..

This is the newest in our crew.. about 2001 I believe..


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in regards to sprinters, they are being used around the world very effectively, so long as the interior is designed with a bit of common sense. Kiwi, it looks like you guys are getting a bit short changed with that setup. And nifty, they are more than capable of holding all the gear you need for emergency response, but again it means that they have to be designed appropriately

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The Sprinter's are used for Special Details and out of county transfers greater then 250 miles round trip ( like sporting events and the like)only. We almost never use them for primary 9-1-1. Unless we're really busy they'll put OT people on those trucks and ship them out. The sprinter's are sardine cans, but never the less they are easier and more fun to drive then the Frieghtliner's, much easier to manuever.

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Here we run with 3 Medtec FD-160 Type III on E-450's, 1 Horton Type III on E-350's, 2 McCoy-Miller Type III on E-350's, and 1 AEV 4x4 on a E-350. We also have a Rescue truck, with a FL-70 Freightliner Chassis, American Lafrance Rescue Body, and a couple other misc. vehicles.









They just retired our crown vic but here is a pic of it anyway. We are hoping to obtain a truck/SUV for supervisor use and towing the dive trailer.


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