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What type of apparatus do you ride?

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wat is this do we have to post very day to chat

No, you just need to make a minimum of 3 non-spam posts. A lot of people are making pointless threads/posts to reach the 3 post requirement and those threads/posts are being deleted.

As far a the topic of this thread. The company I used to work for utilized Wheeled Coach vans as well as a hand full of Wheeled Coach custom and Wheeled Coach city medic type 3 modular ambulances. When I started working there, they had a few Leader vans and a few Horton type 3 modulars. Those units have since been phased out of the company.

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The grammar in the first three posts made me cringe.

We use type III Wheeled Coach. We also have one type III Braun which is a oldie but a goody. Personally, I prefer working in the older Braun. A much better ride than the Wheeled Coach.

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What apparatus does everyone here ride. Right now im on a fairly new rescue unit

For somebody who wants to know about everybody else's apparatus, you sure didn't tell us much about yours. Is that really all you know about your apparatus? That it's "fairly new?" Would you be satisfied with our answers if they were that pointless? Is your "rescue unit" even an ambulance, or is it just a utility truck for rescue equipment?

And did you not notice that there is an "Apparatus" forum here specifically for these types of posts?

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While I don't recall what ambulance manufacture the FDNY is moving to, we are almost completely type one modulars on diesel fueled Ford F350 chassis/drivetrains.

I think we have 5 type 3 modulars on diesel fueled Ford E350 chassis/drivetrains, but they are "special purpose" usage. Suffice to say, when these type 3s are trotted out, the Secret Service is praying they won't be needed.

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This thread is quite old. Please consider starting a new thread rather than reviving this one.

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