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Burnout cause no chat outlet

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Yeah...quite crying...I've seen threads go for pages with...

"Your so stupid! Haha"

"No...You're so stupid! lol

"Oh...You're so cute! Hehe

"Well I think you're cuter!! rofl"

"Man...Your naughty!" etc...etc.

And on and on and on minus the correct spelling.

Post something...it can't be worse than much of the flirty dribble that gets posted that really belongs in PMs...and go chat. It's not rocket science.


So dwayne tell us how you really feel. This keeping your feelings bottled up is unhealthy.

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I'm afraid I'm not very skilled at beating around the bush....

The above type of postings seem to be becoming endemic..And the IQ of the posts following them normally drops to near zero. A sign of this, I believe, is that I see our "council of elders" members disappearing and resurfacing on other sites...It's a little hard on my heart.

We seem to be hitting a point where we need to simply surrender our -EMS- forums to senseless flirty nonsense, which seems to invade every new person's post, or any question in the BLS arena. Or we need to put PMs back in our mailboxes and get back to the business of learning in the forums.

The world is in desperate need of senseless flirty nonsense! Don't get me wrong...but must we infect EVERY thread with it?

Have a great day Spenac.


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