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HEY! Moderators! How about putting this topic back where I had it in the first place, in "off the road:??? It is off-the road... and it is pre-hospital medicine... not just 'meet & greet'!

Reconsideration, please?

Luckily I stumbled upon the above post. I will move it back, but it is rare that we read every post and we look to you guys to PM us with issues.

Thanks :lol:

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Okay... expanding on the opening salvo a bit...

This will only be my second season as an alpine patroller, after having been an EMT since 1979 and a paramedic since 1982. I've been skiing since i was 14. I kick myself frequently for not doing this sooner, but kids, scheduling, and other stuff always seemed to get in the way. It's been good for me being able to refresh my BLS skills, using different equipment than I'm accustomed to, and improvising in ways i haven't had to before. Skiing for free ain't half bad, either :D

I'd be interested to hear how your hill does patrol scheduling, how big is your mountain, all that stuff... let's keep this thread going - at least through the ski season!


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As the name infers, I am the other half of this duo. I am a ski patrol candidate this year. Kids are finally old enough to do a little skiing on their own, so I decided to push myself a little (more than a little perhaps) and give it a try. Anyway OEC classes for now are a great refresher for my long ago EMT skills. I didn't start skiing until I was 18(we're both a little older than that now) and had a long break while the kids were little. Any other spouses out there?[/font:4f2a2c0014] :love3:

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let's keep this thread going - at least through the ski season!

Sounds good...

This is the mountain I patrol at: Belleayre Mountain

It's nothing that big or unique, but it's the closest to where I live and work. I've been an alpine patroller here going into my 5th year, its been fun and I've learned alot. I can't wait for the season to start! And hopefully next year I'll be able to get my son out on the slopes, he'll be 2 by then. I think this year will be wishful thinking :wink:

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You are a brave one. We didn't start our two younger ones until they were 6 and 7. I have never worked so hard as I did trying to keep them upright and moving down the hill as I did that first day of skiing. They had a great time though and they are good little skiers now (at almost 10 and 11). My advise is get them some lessons. Group is OK when they are older, but private is better! It was worth the investment and they listen better to someone else! [/font:23733af44d]

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This thread is quite old. Please consider starting a new thread rather than reviving this one.

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