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the ultimate throwaway baby - makes me sick

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It doesn't really matter what her ethnicity is...

It does to me.

Otherwise, the quote from "Better Off Dead" that keeps going through my mind doesn't work.

"Now that's a real shame when folks be throwin' away a perfectly good white boy like that."

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What I find reprehensible is all of the blind hatred...

Everyone wants to scream “String this animal up!”

Or “She's a beast but she'll get off on some technicality”

The one that makes the most sense though I've changed the context is “why do we put up with this?”

There is a question we can sink our teeth into.

Why are the majority content to scream for blood, when historically this has not appeared to lower the occurrence of these types of behaviors? (My opinion, I can't back up the numbers with research) Why are you satisfied to be outraged at the pain of this one child (and I would say the mother as well) yet not scream for the research necessary to attempt to protect the next child?

We don't protect the next child by stoning this mother to death. We do so by studying her and finding out why/how/when she became broken. And then preventing the same damage to the next potential mother. (And please, if you've had no psychology, don't put forth the “she's just a bad person” argument. You can't sustain it.)

If you want to make a difference, stop screaming for her blood and start screaming for her data.

Have a great day all.


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Well said, Dwayne....

Although I find this woman's actions incredibly unacceptable, and very very sad, I agree.... all of the hollering in the world doesn't bring a solution...

We as a society have become far too complacent when it comes to parents who are incompetent.... we are allowing it to become acceptable for 14 and 15 year olds to keep their children - and then wonder why a child can't raise a child..... we have forgotten to teach people to care for themselves and others... and we have gone too far in allowing the rights of the accused be more important than the rights of the victim....

But back to this woman and child..... at what point did her upbringing, education, and community fail her where she thought her actions were an acceptable option? Or, like some have suggested, is this a case of a person who lacks the ability for rational thought other than opening her legs?

A sad story on all fronts.......

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Its really sad that we are having kids have kids. We had an 12 year old have a baby here! 12 YEARS OLD!!!!! She had the baby c-section but still....I had better things on my mind than sex when I was 12! Boys still had cooties at that point in time. We had a 14 year old get pregnant and her parents were happy and excited?!?!?! :shock: :shock: My mother would have killed me!

What has happened to us as a society that this is allowed to happen? It seems like sex has taken over. I know that there are parents out there who take the time to be involved with their kids' lives and I gave all of you out there KUDOS for being part of their lives. Its sad that some parents just don't give a damn and (here anyways) it seems like the kids whos parents don't care are the ones who end up getting ore getting someone else pregnant. Then they don't care for the baby and end up being like their parents who just don't care. I think its really sad.

This is just my opinion on the whole deal. There are great parents out there and I do give them Kudos. I am 22 almost 23 years old and I can't imagine having a baby right now. One day yes but right now no way. I have a lot I want to still accomplish.

I am not sure about other areas..but here we are required to take a living class where you have to carry around an actual baby simulator. It cries and you have to figure out what it wants. You have to change the diaper, you have to feed it, you have to calm it when its caulky, You have to do everything as if it was a real baby. There were times when you would get soooo stressed that you wanted to just throw the baby. That was how I realized I was NOT ready for kids? Do you all have anything like this in your areas. It is now required of our freshman/sophomore high school students. It was elective when I took it but I am glad I did!

Ok anyways I am done ranting LOL :D

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I could never imagine the cruelty of such a person. I'm a father of a wonderful 10 year old girl. She changed my life, and showed me what "real" love means. I work in the county where Susan Smith drowned her children. There is NEVER an excuse for this. These people are not worthy to breathe, and God help them, if they're ever a patient of mine... :twisted: :twisted:

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Hey wait, she still has rights, even if you think after what she did was horrendous.

This is what a cop told me.

The problem with society is when they have kids, it's welfare that gives them money to live on, a roof over their heads and green stamps. So welfare to them is, they never have to work, the more kids you have, the more money welfare will provide for you.

Holy Sh!t

Are you telling me that all this time I could have been living large on welfare and all I had to do was have some offsrping?

And here I am wasting all my time on education and crap like that trying to have a better life. WTF was I thinking?

Seriously though folks. According to me it happens enough that women deliver children and seem to have been oblivious to the fact that they were even pregnant, that we can safely accept this as a reality that will not change. I offer a couple possible explanations; periods are not always regular for all women especially if you are undergoing excessive wt loss or an unhealthy lifestyle which is not unusual for the lower socio-economic classes for whatever reason (that is a whole other topic- but it has been proven that there is a definite correlation). Also, look around you - or in the mirror- North America. We are a bunch of pretty hefty individuals and it really isn't very hard to not notice the distribution of the fat changing form one body area to another. Never mind all the complicated psychological reasons. Regardless of the why, the truth of the matter remains that not all women are aware of being pregnant.

Having accepted the problem we can now move onto finding solutions. I see two feasible solutions. The first, get those damn pharmaceutical companies doing some research on how to produce an oral contraceptive for men. Condoms just aren't filling the niche (no pun intended). And two, make abortion more easily accessible and affordable. The real question brought to mind here is why are these unwanted babies being born?


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