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Design a distinct uniform to identify professional EMS

Do we need a distinct EMS uniform?  

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    • Yes, We need a professional look
    • No, I like looking like a cop/FF
    • I prefer to wear whatever I want

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for some of us in this profession orange Jumpsuits would be a good uniform

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EMT-INMATE :twisted:

So that's what the I in EMT-I means...hmmm

Anyway, doesn't matter what color this jump suit is, it needs to have reflective striping on it. I know mine does, and it works well when looking from far away. Orange might in fact be the best color for the daytime, since it's bright, and noticeable. That, or bright yellow suits, so you don't look like an inmate, and you can easily detect any stains from blood, or other bodily fluids.

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Our service currently uses navy emt pants with a either dark blue or white polos (our service logo embroidered on the left breast) for duty. Most prefer the white. We have the white uniform shirts and navy pants for events and dress.

I like our choice for duty wear as it does separate us from FF and LEO yet it is comfortable. The pants offer the extra pockets we need to hold whatever it is we think we need to carry with us.

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One that thinks flight suits are neat looking, try wearing one for 12 hours. I agree, they look sharp, but very uncomfortable after a few hours as well as very hot.

Here is those flight scrubs, (Ihave a pair and are very comfortable) ...[web:61ce924e83]http://www.aviatorscrubs.com/[/web:61ce924e83]

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One of the few times I think I'll disagree with Dust is now. While I agree in principle on the white shirts, keeping it clean I think is the best argument against wearing them. As Rid noted, many places are too busy to keep up with the changing that would be required. What's more, I'd rather not have four or five extra shirts hanging in the back of the ambulance should I need to change. White does scream professional. However, keeping it white is not always a realistic endeavor. Nor is being able to change shirts in between calls.

For those of you who think the flight/jump suits are nice, try wearing one for a full 12 hour shift. Or try wearing one for a 12 hour shift that stretches to 20 hours and the coolest part of your day was the 90 degree sunrise that started it all. You get pretty ripe after a while. (Let's just say even my dog wouldn't come near me! :shock:) They do look good...but they just don't breathe well at all.

Besides, we all know people who can't fit into the standard Dickies and button down shirt because their belly is way too big. Can *you* imagine that same person in a jump suit? No thank you.

I like the idea of the yellow and green as seen in Europe and other places. It is easily identifiable. And it's certainly, if nothing else, visible.

-be safe

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Rid those scrubs could be a start. For visibility maybe get some reflective stripes. Still might need more reinforcement in the knees. Then keep the flight suit available for bad weather, etc.

I think you and some others mentioned wearing EMS pants with a polo shirt, the problem with that is that is actually close to the police uniform in many small citys I have been to.

When we think of healthcare clothing you either picture people in scrubs or lab coats. Now maybe EMS pants with a higher quality scrub shirt like those Rid posted would set us apart.

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white shirts do look professional but let's keep em for the supervisors and those who don't get messy.

one drop of blood or iodine or whatever and the shirt that looked professional is no longer professional, it's simply dirty.

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