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Design a distinct uniform to identify professional EMS

Do we need a distinct EMS uniform?  

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    • Yes, We need a professional look
    • No, I like looking like a cop/FF
    • I prefer to wear whatever I want

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I worked for over three years with a service that allowed us to wear pretty much whatever we wanted to wear. I started off wearing scrubs only at night, just to save chute time. Eventually, I went to wearing them almost all the time, for multiple reasons. I had no more problem with their durability than any other uniform. And if they tear up, who cares? They're cheaper than other uniforms, especially if they are supplied by your employer.

Dude, those two-tone scrubs are hella fugly! Is anyone really buying those? :?

I'd prefer the single color.

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The Rangers of Texas DPS wear regular cloths, with their small tiny little badge pinned to their shirt.

How about a small little badge-type device with the caduceus on it? Worn with slacks and a solid colored shirt, with a tie, if necessary.

Who knows. This is a topic that can & will drive us out of our minds, if/when the time comes to universalize our uniforms.

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Below, is a link to a company called Lighthouse Uniform, that I got from the e-Newsletter from the NAEMT (National Association of Emergency Medical Technicians), of which I am also a member. What they show is a "Class 'A'" type uniform, what I would call a "Parade Detail" type uniform, not for the daily work we do.

I ask opinions on this dressy uniform, for those times when numerous members gather, as in funerals and the like.


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I think it wouldn't hurt to be visible even when its just night and you're just getting out of your truck to go into someone's home for a call (who knows who is driving down the street and not paying attention). I didn't mean to suggest going all crazy with reflective, but even just "PARAMEDIC" on the back that will reflect might be good. Since you haven't got your way yet and EMT-Bs are still working on ambulances, this would also be a way to clearly identify one from the other from a distance without having different coloured uniforms.

Check this out... the relativly new APFU (Army Physical Fitness Uniform) Jacket. I was in the Army Guard for a very short time and this was my issued coat. Without light reflecting it looks like an ordinary windbreaker but when there is reflective light its a different story. My issued coat was the middle one with the single reflective stripe and the two outside coats are concepts that were being played with... whether or not they are being used now Im not sure.

I had simmilar "technology" in an company issued coat when I worked for American Ambulance. But if this could be built into a uniform shirt it would deffinatley solve one major problem with EMS uniforms.



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