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White Cloud or Black Cloud

White cloud or black cloud  

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Hey Village, if you get tired with "CPR Wednesdays" Come a little further south for "Pediatric Fx Thursdays". Every Thursday for the last 6 weeks between 1700 and 1900, we have gotten one. Just plain weird. Also there is something about weekend afternoons that seems to cause geriatric 'general illness" or "difficulty breathing" calls. Can't just be luck, can it? Its so regular that I almost plan for it by finding some excuse to be around the squad at the middle of the day on weekends, so that I don't have to do the nutso drive across town. Twice this had paid off and had me in the drivers seat in less than 2 minutes.


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People ask why I do this for a living. "For a living!" I say, "HELL NO, I do this as a volunteer." Then they know I'm crazy.

:D That's a good one!

I'm such a white cloud at my original agency that I will probably receive a letter of gratitude from the community one of these days. :lol: It's gotten so prevalent that I "call it" when I arrive at 1800 and sure enough at 0700 I leave shift and there have been no calls all night long.

..and this is a Saturday night in a urban environment no less.

I've gone ahead and joined a second agency because I'm getting no experience with my original agency. It looks as if I am only a good-luck charm at the original agency; so far my ride-along experience with the new group has been busy busy busy!


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well lately i've been a bit of a white cloud, I've had 3 consequtive (sp?) shifts with absolutely no calls-and i was at the typically busiest station; the paramedics love me because when i'm around they get to be paid to sit around and watch tv because we don't get any calls....then again i'm due for my black cloud spout any day now....won't that be fun

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If I have no students I am a black cloud -- to the point when I walk into the level 1 trauma ctr -- the staff looks at me and says " no students today?? " -- when I have the students I can't even beg a good learning call


I have the same problem. Very frustrating

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Well for me it comes in waves. There has been times where i havent done a call in a month or so and then it hits the fan. My partner and i wernt allowed to work together after the last incident. We lost 3 people in 1 day. Now that was a bad day. but hell after that it all calmed down. Now im waiting for the the rush to hit. I can feel it coming soon its been way to quiet.

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I'm a total white cloud.

I work at this one station here in Montgomery County, every single wednesday. Its not a terribly slow station but I haven't had a call there in like a month or two. This past wednesday ( I was off for once!) they had six calls in 6 hours...

Everywhere I go, slow days follow me.

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