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the "S", "B" and the "Q" words

Q, S, and B words... a jinx?  

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Ive definately heard about this jinx, but when I was riding as a student, I think that overcomes the jinx. (either that or Im a white cloud) hmmm

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Ok so where was this reverse jinx when I was a student? I was a black cloud for lots of calls, usually crappy ones that tick you off because they woke you up at 3 am to sit and wait for the cops to clear an assault only to find out 30 minutes there is no patient.....and I firmly believe in the boots thing, literally every time I've ever taken my boots off at the station we immediately get a call-some of the in charges have banned me from taking off my boots after midnight...

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At us speak:

" The you have washed off the uniform, the more her(it) will soil! "

I've never heard it put that way, that's pretty good...I'll have to remember that one.

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Alright, first: I'm diggin' the Muscovite! Howdy, partner. Your English is better than my Russian.

Second, my 24 yesterday was a perfect example of SBQ...It's 3pm. It's been dead all shift. My partner and I are outside smoking a butt. A third-rider...who knows better says to us, "It sure has been the opposite of busy today..." SHUT UP! Sure enough, 20 minutes later we get a wicked SoB call.

Finished the call around 4:30. The two duty crews are talkin' about dinner. We got a guy on our shift who used to be a chef. He comes in handy, let me tell you. Anyway, he decides to make barbequed steak and chicken, fresh rice w/ wild mushrooms, corn on the cob, etc. We all pitch in and get everything ready. By 6:30 the grill is shut down, the food is on the table, and we're all sitting down, chatting and joking, to this amazing dinner...when the tone goes off.

And the tone goes off...

And the tone goes off...

We got back to quarters at 3:42 am.

If I wasn't a believer before...I am now! :shock:

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