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the "S", "B" and the "Q" words

Q, S, and B words... a jinx?  

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its okay that you don't know.. i would say it but i am on duty...

aw hell ... i am about to take my boots off anyway.. so it is Slow, Quiet, and boring... those are the no no words.. unless you want a call...


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Just for even reading and replying to this I have already had to babysit a drunk, put restraints on a combative patient on one of the inpatient floors, take one combative patient to a police cruiser in the ambulance bay, and we're gearing up for a pair of "ultraviolents" on the psych floor (one has already stabbed a Resident earlier in the day). this is all within the first three hours of the shift - not horrendous, it's been much worse...but the outgoing Officer on my post used the S word when I relieved him. Bastard.

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you didnt need to say it or write it now we are all dammed

thanks here's the call it's started!!!!!!

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so you are telling me i can make disaster happen with my utterance of a word? I AM THE ALMIGHTY AND POWERFULL SUMMIT! PAY TRIBUTE OR I'LL MAKE SHIT HAPPEN!

(i always thought that the real way to make things happen was to order something to eat or put food in the oven or microwave)

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