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Western Pennsylvania Trauma Centers


If you had to take a family member to a trauma center, which one would you choose??  

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    • Allegheny General Hospital
    • Mercy Hospital of Pittsburgh
    • University of Pittsburgh Medical Center

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I went with Mercy, only because I've been there, and know people who work there.

I have heard good things about the others.

In the south east/central part of the state, we will (probably) be getting 3 new Level III centers. I am not excited or happy. Both the patients and I would be very happy just keeping our current Level II and I nearby.

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Not fair, Chuck....don't you work at Mercy? LOL

Seriously, this isn't a fair poll...I'm from the Pittsburgh area and I've been to all 3 of the choices and all have their strong points!

For me, it depends on if the pt is going by chopper or ambulance... Choppers like to go to their 'home' (STAT vs. LIFE FLIGHT)

I've had family members in AGH, but not for trauma. The care was excellent. I've taken many patients to Mercy...Again, excellent care.

UPMC offers excellent care, a variety of facilities, and it's potentially close to home. (BONUS: we have UPMC medical command)

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