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confederate flag


what do you think about displaying the confederate flag?  

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    • it's racist and it offends me
    • it's a sign of southern pride

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What I can't understand is that that wasn't even the official flag of the confederacy...Most of the confederate soldiers didn't even own slaves, they were just fighting for their states rights, and the union fought for nations rights its too complex to say in one sentence......

Finally, someone has a grasp on the history!

The battle flag of the confederacy represents for many the fight for State rights. Among the issues the States believe they had a right to decide upon was whether slavery should be allowed. So, in a sense, it could be argued that the display of the CSA's battle flag could represent the fight for slavery.

And for many people, that's what the flag represents.

However, there were more issues involved that just the issue of deciding if slavery should be legal. There were trade issues, manufacturing issues, legal issues. It's not so simple as to say it's "heritage". That's just the uninformed justifying something about which they have little or no knowledge.

The decision to display this particular battle flag seems to be fairly personal. However, the biggest problem I have with it is that the CSA lost the war. The CSA is a nation that no longer exists. Before and after it's existence was the United States of America. The USA in and of itself embodies the very fight that many in the south considered important enough to fight for in the 1860s. There are liberties, rights and freedoms that the south fought for that were and are still inherent to our day to day life.

If people want to display the flag of a nation that was defeated in war they are well within their rights to do so. But they're certainly saying several things about their lack of historical knowledge and where their loyalties lie. I'd argue that there little or no difference between those who wave the CSA battle flag and those who display the flag of Nazi Germany, or of the Soviet Union.

The "heritage" of the vast majority of those in this country is that of the United States. It is that heritage that has us fighting in several countries abroad. If you feel compelled to display anything, try Old Glory. It says more about your heritage and your fight for rights than that of a nation defeated in battle.

Be safe.

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I agree with Mike on this one. Even though the confederate soldiers may not have had slaves themselves, and may have been fighting for "states' rights," the civil war wasn't caused by manufacturing or trade conflicts.

Also, one could argue that Nazi soldiers were fighting for German rights. Even though this is technically true, we all know that realistically this is not so.

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Being a Canadian I have to admit that I do not know a lot about American history. I doubt that many of the people in my community do either, however, several people have Confederate Flag license plates on their vehicles. Frankly, I never thought much of it. It is a unique flag and it obviously represents several differing ideologies to different populations.

For myself, I really don't care what items people choose to wear or how they decorate their homes or vehicles. I'm not going to pass judgment on a person based solely on a flag or anything else. What truly matters is what is in a person's heart.

Just my 2 cents...

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I'm tending to agree with USAFmedic. I'm more concerned with the motivation of the person displaying the flag. Southern pride? Subtle dig at the culture of affirmative action? Shock value? etc, etc.

Most people I know that display it, display it for the schock value and because they love to argue that people are trampling their god-given rights...

I find the flag an interesting testament to history. I find most of the people I know that display one to be offensive. Just an odd juxtaposition.

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I feel that it really depends on the manner it is displayed... Many things are can become corrupted images.

I am a proud NRA member and many people that I go to school with have a problem with my NRA T-Shirt that I occasionally wear, because they think I'm a gun slinging red-neck.

I think its offensive to judge people before you even know why they are the way they are.

But that's just my opinion.

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Here is how i look at it..

I have a confederate flag... and I display it proudly. It hangs on one of my walls in my room (in the proper and correct way to hang flags) and i display it as a symbol of my southern herritage... I have ancestors from Virginia, Georgia, and other parts around the south (not sure of all of them), I completely understand flying the Confederate Flag for those reasons.

And I know that the Confederacy is no longer a country or anything like that.. and so therefore I still have a United States Flag that i fly outside my house... and i am loyal to the USA but I still am proud of my herritage.. it is no different from someone from australia flying an Aussie flag, or a Brit flying the Union Jack.... etc....

HOWEVER... if it is being used to symbolizwe bigotry (sp?) and racisim and all the unfortunate events that took place during that time period... i would be prepared to rip it down and destroy it. but again... that is only when it is used in that mannor...

if it is used to display a southern herritage than that is fine by me.. but not to display and pay homage to a racist way... only pay homage to my southern ancestors..

sorry for the long winded comments yall.. but this has been a heated discussion w/ me for years amongst some people that i know

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Please define "heritage".

Not the dictionary definition. What's your definition?

And yes, it is different from an Aussie or a Brit displaying their national flags. Theirs are independent and recognized nations (of which they would be citizens). In the example you provided, your displaying the American flag would be no different. Displaying the battle flag of a nation that no longer exists doesn't count as you were never a citizen of the CSA.

Be safe.

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I may not have been a citizen of the CSA, but my ancesters where and that is what i mean by heritage. paying respect to my family members that came before me... My definition of heritage is not forgeting things that happened and the people who have come before me. Yes horrible things have happened in the past such as Slavery and the Holocost... but we can not just re-write history and forget about it as some people try and do. If the confederate flag was representative only of Slavery than I would take it down in half a heartbeat... but i fly it to pay respect and homage to my ancestors who fought and died in the Civil War. and it is about Southern Pride. Pride in its rich history.

does that answer your questions.. i will gladly discuss this if yall want... I am not trying to piss people off or be a bigot or anything... I am just proud of my family's history and of the area that I live in....

hey Paramedic Mike.. just curious... where are you from? don't see it on your posts under your name

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I have a tattoo of a confederate flag on my left arm, and written under it is "Southern Gentleman." My buddy and I got these at the same time. He is from Texas but I on the other hand have never been to the south. I wear this tattoo with respect for what I am and that is a Southern Gentleman.

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