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What Do You Carry On Your Person?

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New EMT-B, been with a private company for the last 7 months or so. Mostly tx's, but we have contracts with facilities that often call us when they should call 911. Lots of nighttime calls for falls

Obviously English is not your first language. Haitian is a national origin, not a race. Your racist assumptions have no place in this forum, so STFU.

Would you have been happier if I stated that the comment by the poster came off as ethnocentric, or derogatory towards Haitians? Either way, the point was made, and I would respect yours much more if

1 pr shears

1 Black Pen

1 Pad Post-It's

1 Glove Pouch w/ 1 pr gloves

1 pr gloves in back pocket

Cell Phone (Stays on truck and OFF while on calls)

1 Mini LED Flashlight (Stays on Truck unless I think I'll need it)

My wallet type thing, which isn't even really a wallet. It's just like 1/3 of a tri-fold wallet w/ License, Certs, Insurance Card, Cash (If i'm lucky), Bank card etc...

I guess that's it.

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2 pens

company radio

company pager


my cell phone

All of the rest is in my ride. Shears, scopes and other supplies are in my BLS and ALS bags. I don't see a reason to carry stuff that is in my bag. I really don't need to spend my pay on supplies.

Just my two cents

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1. 2-Radio as required by company

2. Tubes. They sit in the unit, and i take them in with me into the call, better have them and not need them than to need them and not have them.

3. Pen Light

4. Letherman . Somepeople laugh but it has come in handy in a few situations

5. Shears

6. Cell Phone, our radios usually only work in towns and not in rual areas

7. 3 or 4 pair nitle gloves

8. Safety Glasses, used on all calls

most importantly for me, maybe not needed for pt. care but..

9. Coins, why? Because sitting in the hospital hallway for 5 hrs and not having change for the vending machine sucks, and they dont take debit.

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Oldmedic: Who cares if people laugh at you for carrying a Leatherman tool! You must work with a bunch of idiots. I carry a "tactical sexy" black leatherman Charge Xti and I never leave home without it. And like yourself, I've used that thing numerous times.


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Meh... I dunno about this one. I understand the theory, and I have nothing against being prepared. But that is exactly why I don't think I would ever do this. First of all, my partner will NOT be caught without shears. At least, not more than once. Otherwise, he goes home. And if it is not my partner, then they can either bring their own equipment or gtf out of the way. Carrying other people's equipment for them only enables their laziness, forgetfulness, and complacency, ensuring that they don't make an effort to be prepared in the future. I prefer not to enable these people.

Not sure if I agree with this premise.

1. If the licensure requires a pair of shears on the truck, then why "require" your partner to carry a pair, before you "send him home" (wtf was that anyway? God complex?)

But however, If you have no requirement to carry shears on the truck, then i see your pointe.

I personally carry 2 pairs, but only because of the regularity of which i lose them. I work in a heavily traumatic area, and more than once ive sent them flying on the lap of a spineboarded patient with a flight crew.

Spare can't hurt.

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I personally carry 2 pairs, but only because of the regularity of which i lose them. I work in a heavily traumatic area, and more than once ive sent them flying on the lap of a spineboarded patient with a flight crew.

Spare can't hurt.

No argument there. Not like they take up much weight or room, so no problem there. I just wouldn't do it specifically for the purpose of allowing my partner to not carry his own equipment.

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Apart from my keys, wallet and phone which I feel naked without...

I have a pouch that holds a pair of sheers, a stethoscope, sharp/blunts and sharp sharp scissors, a splinter probe and a set of sharp and blunt forceps. Why do I carry all that? Stuffed if I know, how often do I use anything other than shears or stethoscope? Never... well, I spose I use the sharp/sharps to trim my goatee occasionally... hmmm.

But it's true the amount of rubbish on one's belt is inversely proportional to their experience or knowledge base. When I first started, I dressed like I was going into combat. Now, simple clip on pouch with the above and I forget that half the time anyways. I know some medics who still dress like they're going into combat after years but I wouldn't trust any of them more than a bystander.

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This was actually a fun 15 min project for me, I really need a flight! I got to empty all the pockets of the flight suit and see how much crap I actually carry. Way more than when I did ground.

-Company Pager

-Company Cell

-Personal Cell, because cell coverage where I work sucks, so if you have a pager and 2 cells from different companies then dispatch might get a hold of you

-pens x4; I normally carry the company pens and drop a few off at the referring hospitals, it never hurts


-business cards, to give to family members who ride along and want to pass along what happens with the pt.


-granola bar (sometimes we can go a long time without eating!)

-iPod, those flights back to base can be boring

-pocket reference of company protocols, this also has all sorts of phone numbers, gate codes, etc scribbled in the back

-gloves, I hate digging these out of bags, or stealing them from the referring hospital




When I worked ground I didn't carry half this crap. I let it in a bag on the ambulance, or it was in with the rest of the gear. When I worked ground I was lucky to have





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