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What Do You Carry On Your Person?

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Fanny Packs are great for carrying supplies, especially if you cover events like ATV races, concerts, festivals, mountain bike races & sporting events. The one that I have was designed with emergency care professionals like ( Athletic Trainers, EMS, First Responders & Ski Patrol ) in mind.

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New EMT-B, been with a private company for the last 7 months or so. Mostly tx's, but we have contracts with facilities that often call us when they should call 911. Lots of nighttime calls for falls

Obviously English is not your first language. Haitian is a national origin, not a race. Your racist assumptions have no place in this forum, so STFU.

Would you have been happier if I stated that the comment by the poster came off as ethnocentric, or derogatory towards Haitians? Either way, the point was made, and I would respect yours much more if

I have the same holster as akroeze (which as a side note would appear to be the most popular holster in the provence) but I only keep a pair of shears and a regular maglite in there. And I only wear it during flightsuit season.

Other then that I always carry:


Personal Cell Phone

Keys to Med Room


Two pens

Two oxygen tubing connectors - we use lots of them

Ornge protocols and yes, the book is ornge.



Company ID, Provincial ID

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In my belt, each in nylon holders:

-mag light

-company pager

-cell phone

In my leg pockets:

Left side is a handful of gloves

Right side has multiple sections to the pockets:


-Quick reference book (meds etc)

-EKG calipers

-2 Pens

-Trauma shears

-1/2" clear tape

I carry my scope around my neck. Make fun of me if you must but I never ever forget it, and its always there when I need it.

Besides that, wallet + watch is about it. I know people who carry alot more, and people who carry alot less. Whatever works for you I guess.

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I do have a duty belt. Yes, it has a lot of crap on it.

Left side: glove pouch (5 pairs), swivel belt clip, Pam Zire 72, Mag-Lite Holster.

My BigShears are on my belt in the small of my back.

Right side: Keys, Nextel, holster. In the holster is a Mini-Mag, Leatherman, 2 pairs of shears (because there's always idiots on scene asking for them), O2 wrench, Tubex syringe, and skell pen.

I keep the Johnny-be-good gloves in my pants pocket. And if it's dark, the Johnny-be-good stick goes in. 4-cell MagLite, 3 when in Newark.

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2 pair Gloves, Personal Cell, Work Cell, Work Pager, Radio, Shears, Penlight, 2 pens, my steth, and a pack of gum, and my wallet (oh, my county ID too) . in my backpack in the rig, i have my spare uniform, cell charger, and copies of all of my certs as well as my nintendo ds, and my prevacid.

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OMG I forgot the most important item, my iPOD!!! Couldn’t live with out it.

Portable DVD player or Laptop for those really long extremely boring standbys!

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