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What Do You Carry On Your Person?

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New EMT-B, been with a private company for the last 7 months or so. Mostly tx's, but we have contracts with facilities that often call us when they should call 911. Lots of nighttime calls for falls

Obviously English is not your first language. Haitian is a national origin, not a race. Your racist assumptions have no place in this forum, so STFU.

Would you have been happier if I stated that the comment by the poster came off as ethnocentric, or derogatory towards Haitians? Either way, the point was made, and I would respect yours much more if

Steth around the neck, wallet, keys personal/handcuff/amby, trauma shears packed under back belt loop, smokes and a lighter, Von Zipper sun glasses propped on top my head for maximum awesomeness, 2 pens(should probly start tossing em after having pts sign with them) and a penlight, ID badge, cellphone and Alpha pager. I keep it pretty simple.

trying to avoid looking like Wharf from Star Trek TNG

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Depends on how awake I am dressing for work.

Trauma shears

cell phone

several pens

Sharpie for that damn bubble sheet and writing vitals on my glove

Smokes and lighter

On the belt

Company radio when I remember to get it out of the rig

Lockblade Knife, carried one since I can't remember when (a Southern thing)

Mini Mag LED light

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Trama shears, bandage scissors, stethoscope, forceps, field guide, personal cellphone, work cellphone, alpha-numeric pager, voice pager, wallet, gloves, at least 2 pens, folding knife, carabiner (great for controlling multiple bags/bottles of fluid), and a Tide stick

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We are *required* to carry: alphanumeric pager (personal - for pages directly to you), 2nd alphanumeric pager (assigned to each individual ambulance, gives you info on runs/times/mileage), Motorola Minitor pager ("alert"/"noisemaker" pager), Motorola radio w/permanently affixed shoulder mic, PPE pouch (contains Oakley safety glasses, N95 mask, fluid splash mask, 2-PAM/Atropine IM autoinjection set). I stuff a bunch of pens/Sharpie/highlighter into the PPE pouch in the front flap. This alone requires a large utility (bat) belt just to hold up all of that crap.

If that wasn't enough, I added an ID card holder (required to have on at all times, seems to get pulled off if just clipped on), Surefire G2 flashlight w/pouch, Leatherman Wave multitool w/pouch (used most often as an O2 key), and a Bianchi Accumold silent key holder.

And believe it or not, there are plenty of paramedics at my job with more crap on their belts than me. It's pretty ridiculous.

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In my hospital the clinical staff use 'nurses pouches' which is like a belt thing. I have in mine,

-Ward Scissors

-2 pens

-Microspore Tape

-Nero Torch (The ones in the criticare monitor are always flat!)

-Note Pad (Imagine Bristol stool chart lol)

-Handover Notes

-ID badge and security card

-Gloves (I'm the only one in the hospital that has XL gloves, makes for very annoying times!)

-Duress alarm and pager

-Keys to the treatment room.

When we finish pharmacology we'll get a palm pilot with MIMMS, drug room keys and various other things.

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-keys (both to the rig and to my own vehicle)

-ID badge with ID card, copy of my certs, and a shamrock for good luck!


-pen light

-ink pen

-radio with mic

-steth around neck

-lockable pocket knife with a seat belt cutter and a window punch on it


-smokes and a lighter

-personal cellphone

-Ipod and head phones

-aviator/ wayferer sunglasses for extreme cool facotr

In the rig we have the standard stuff (traffic vests, flash lights etc...)

we also carry our protocols and orders in our clipboard.

Also about the fanny pack, I used to be required to wear one when I was a lifeguard, but we always turned them around so they were on our butt. In those we'd have basic first aid stuff ie.. bandages and ointment, Also a pocket mask and a whistle

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