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What Do You Carry On Your Person?

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Just saw the wanker thread and read comments about guys carrying multiple pagers and stethoscopes around their necks.

I'm 4th day on as an EMT and deciding what I want to carry on my person.

Right now, I carry the required company pager.

During clinical rotations, I was told to always have my shears with me, but I've only seen one other guy who does, so I just leave them in the side door pocket.

Gloves in back pants pockets.

Penlight in pocket, b/c it disappears if left in rig.

We were given stethoscopes in EMT class, but no one seems to use their personal ones...and I'm hesitant about bringing dirty equipment home with me each day...so not using my own.

Handwipes and breath mints.

I'm considering a mini-flashlight. Haven't needed it yet, but I imagine there will be times when the ambulance is first on scene and we end up in some dark house or alley that can't be illuminated by ambulance.

I saw someone with a compact pouch for flashlight and shears...but I don't want to a Ricky Rescue as we call them. I have no need to fill my belt up with toys...but also don't want to bulge my pockets or not have things handy when needed.

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New EMT-B, been with a private company for the last 7 months or so. Mostly tx's, but we have contracts with facilities that often call us when they should call 911. Lots of nighttime calls for falls

Obviously English is not your first language. Haitian is a national origin, not a race. Your racist assumptions have no place in this forum, so STFU.

Would you have been happier if I stated that the comment by the poster came off as ethnocentric, or derogatory towards Haitians? Either way, the point was made, and I would respect yours much more if

My first year, I had all kinds of gadgets.

For about the past 10 years I have survived just fine with the following:

1. I always carry shears with me. I carry them shoved in my boot or in my belt behind my back.

2. I always...ALWAYS carry 2 pairs of gloves on me.

3. I bring my stethoscope to work but it stays in the rig, I don't wear it. I have one in the bag if I ever forget mine.

4. I have a maglite that I keep in the rig. Doubles for my penlight at night or a self defense weapon.


6. Photocopy of my certs (leave the originals at home) driver's license and a check card.

Anything else is junk! If you are with a paid provider, all the things you need should be in your bags.

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Small LED flashlight (bout the size of a MiniMaglite)

Walkie Talkie


2 pr Nitrile Gloves

2 black pens

1 black Sharpie pen

Military ID


Watch with compass

Everything else is either in the clinic/ER/ambulance. I've got my own personal stethoscope, otoscope, and opthalmoscope at the clinic, but I do NOT take them to the ER or into the field with me.

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EMS Event coverage: I carry a pair of gloves, penlight, pen, my mobile phone (in my pocket, not on my belt in 1 of those big pouch thingos) and a portable radio (when we need one). I’ve never had the need to carry anything else.

Football: I have a pouch that clips onto my belt that holds shears and trainers scissors, a blood towel and a pair of gloves. Also my phone. We also have bumbags with medical stuff in them but dont get my started on bumbags lol.

Motocross: Pair of gloves and my phone, everything else is in the kits on the ATV.

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pants :

left cargo pocket gluecometer pack two 20cmX40cm dressings. right shears 20cm bandage, gloves two dated PCR's with crew PIN no's and penlight

shirt :

left pocket notebook, facility keycard, cash. right, various TACAIDS, MIMMS ect.

have an onscene belt with minimag, pouch, radio that usually stays in the ambo unless its a big incident.

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Why on earth would you carry a gluecometer?? Do you work with elderly/diabetic people?

everyone in this buisness does :cry: better to have it on you and know it works then to have the one in the ambo go tits up.

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Pen and pen torch in L arm pocket

Bottle of smelling salts in L shirt pocket

L cargo pant pocket has 2 pairs of gloves

R cargo pant pocket has my steth

Belt has a Benchmade Rescue hook (cuts through any material like a hot knife through butter)

Mobile phone

That's it....we have a saying around here - never trust a medic with more kit on his person than on the vehicle :cry:

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everyone in this buisness does :cry: better to have it on you and know it works then to have the one in the ambo go tits up.

Okydoky, Just inquisitive as to why you would carry one. I see your point.

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Right at this moment...


-Portable external "thumb" drive with narrative templetes and other reference material

-Palm Pilot

-Company Pager

-Company Radio

-Glove pouch w/2 sets of gloves


-bandage shears x2

-Wallet w/cards


-Notepad w/spare

-Black gloves for rescue/uncooperative patient handling (welcome to the urban world)

-Pens / gum / mints

-company Phone

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