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you know you're in urban ems if...

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Yes young grasshopper: I have been in those situations. I've heard the sound of 9mm autofire hitting the wall over our heads and had to take trucks out of service due to too many gsw's in the electric

Im terribly sorry to have offended you. But heres a bit of background. Source of each and every one of these was from my mom was a paramedic working for Kansas city, Kansas and Missouri. Over her ten

My last entry on this: Herbie : you are correct that those in the business have to develop a gallows humor and tend to be crude at times. However young grasshopper is just starting his career and is

>I think Camden NJ is considered the most dangerous city.

Actually, it is, as it came up in discussion that New Jersey is home to both one of the most dangerous cities (Camden) and one of the most safe (Brick Township, NJ, listed as one of the safest nationally). In fact, I hear Camden is a death trap, a suicide rap, we gotta get out while we're young, BECAUSE TRAMPS LIKE US, BABY, WE WERE BORN TO RUNNNNNNNNNNN!!!

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Miami Police Warn Against New Year's Gunfire

By Jim Teeple


31 December 2004

Teeple report - Download 322k

Listen to Teeple report

Authorities in the U.S. city of Miami, Florida say the New Year's Eve tradition in Miami of firing guns in the air at midnight to mark the New Year seems to fading away. The dangerous pastime has killed several people in recent years, prompting local police and community leaders to start a campaign aimed at ending the practice.

Delrish Moss, a spokesman for the Miami Police Department says he will never forget New Years Eve in 1994.

"Several years ago I was a homicide detective working a murder in one of Miami's worst neighborhoods,†he recalls. “It was getting close to midnight on New Year's Eve. Just at midnight bullets just rained down from all over the place. It was just like being in the middle of a war zone, you could hear gunfire everywhere. It was so bad we had to take the body off the scene, get pictures quickly, and basically hide behind apartment buildings to make sure no police officer got hurt. That was one of the times where I felt helpless and very scared."

Delrish Moss's experience was not unusual. For years police officers on patrol on New Year's Eve have warned each other to take cover in the minutes just before and after midnight on New Year's Eve as city residents fired their guns in the air. In the 1990's at least three people were killed and six others injured by stray New Year's Eve gunfire.

After a five-year-old girl was killed in a stray gunfire incident in 1997, community leaders began a campaign to end the practice. Police officers and community activists went door to door in Miami neighborhoods warning residents of the dangers of firing guns in the air. Joe Martinez, the chairman of the Miami-Dade County Board of Commissioners says no one has been injured by New Year's Eve gunfire since 1999, making the program a success.

"Well it has made the community aware that when something goes up it has to come down,†he says. “You do it (firing guns) in joy, it has been done for many years, but it is time it stopped. People are getting killed and injured. Children celebrating the New Year's are getting hurt. So the awareness is now there and in the last eight years injuries and deaths have been reduced to almost zero and that means the program is working."

Delrish Moss of the Miami Police Department says the practice of firing guns in the air on New Year's Eve is not limited to inner city neighborhoods but people in those neighborhoods are most at risk from injuries from gunfire.

"Rural neighborhoods suburban neighborhoods and inner city neighborhoods; it is a problem everywhere,†he adds. “But in the inner city it is more of a problem because the population is more concentrated, thus the chances of someone getting hurt are greater."

While police say the practice of firing guns in the air on New Year's Eve seems to be fading away in some Miami neighborhoods many who live in those neighborhoods and the police who patrol there say they still plan to be somewhere safe in the minutes just before and after New Year's Eve.

"Now you can kiss my a**"

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>When all police fire and ems units are told to take cover in parking >garages, under overpasses anywhere to have something solid overhead >at midnight on new years eve to dodge all the rounds returning to earth.

Oh give me a F---ING break. Why do some people insist EMS is the first 20 mins or so of "Saving Private Ryan"? If a directive like that came down from the top, I'd say I would comply only if I could yell "INCOMING!" and dive dramatically for something

I mean, is this just a bit of "We didn't really look into it, but just do it because it heightens the tension", or has a police, fire, or EMS official actually sustained wounds, at or around midnight, in your neck of the woods?

Well actualy no injury but bullet holes in vehicle, taking cover with a patient inside building while gun fight in the courtyard. These things did and do happen , Have i been shot no, have i been shot at? Yes and never by a jelious husband or boyfriend. The Marcy houses in Brooklyn NY is a place where gun fire erupted regularly, dose it anymore ... that i don't know. As far as the new years gun fire .. that still happens.. i worked the ER as a nurse last new years and yes gunfire still happens and peole still get shot in urban areas... is it safer now then in the 80's and 90's. I think so and NYC is a great place to visit crime is down and we have fun things to do... give a call or an e mail and will gladdly show you around. will cost you a cup or two of coffee. Cram no sugar dark.

Be well all

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In my fridge no some Yinglang(sp) Porter and some Coronas and a few limes, some Chinese food ... but no Kwell

I think that is the worst attempt at spelling Yuengling I have ever seen. :P

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When I was working in Brixtion, London we had an ambulance with bullet holes in it. I kind of miss that place. Getting bottles thrwn at you every week keeps you on your toes.

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I am sure everyone here in urban EMS will contend that they live in a dangerous city.

Referring to New Jersey/New York since I have worked EMS in both, I would have to say NJ is much more dangerous. I won't speak of Newark, Camden, Irvington(scary place) or ACY. Nor will I mention Paterson, Pleasantville, or Trenton which are all really urban and have issues. I will speak of what I know.

Jersey City and NYC.

Anytime I have had a job in NYC where my safety was an issue, it was rare that I had a problem getting the police to respond. (maybe during shift change) However in JC, I feel like the cops there are sooooo freaking busy with all the messed up people, that I usually get to calls well before them where I should not even be on the block. I have felt more threatened by pts there. Almost every other call in JC is an EDP or assult. In NYC COPS go to EVERY EDP call not just the "unsafe" ones. While overall the call volume compared to NYC is about 10% per year, the per unit call volume is horrendous. NYC has plenty of resources whereas JC has only 4 BLS units on overnight shifts and 3 ALS. So while in NYC i did MAYBE 7-10 calls in an 8hr shift (day shift in Brooklyn) out here I do proobably 15-25 calls in a 12hr shift, and because of the limited resources they come non-stop.

By the way more related to the topic of this post..

You know your in Urban EMS when :

your pt. is covered in their own feces and they have a family of maggots living in their lower extremities. (as in home sweet home for these flys/maggots)

your pt is a teenager who is UNINJURED and ambulatory for approx 20 minutes on scene after a close call with a MOTORCYCLE, that is until his MOTHER shows up and tells him he is in too much pain to walk and to remember to say the guy was speeding to the lawyers.....and yes he decided to limp into the ER....why?? the only thing he was struck with was air........

Reservations for 4 anyone????


Be safe out there.

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