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What do you call your ambulance??

What's your slang for Ambulance?  

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    • Unit
    • Truck
    • Bus
    • Medic
    • Rescue
    • Car
    • Box
    • Van
    • Giant piece of expletive!!

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Personally, I call it "La Bomba."

In most of Texas, "truck" is the most popular term. Although, firemonkeys in Texas tend to call it "the box," for the reason that Asys stated, to prevent confusion with a ladder truck. Of course, there are a lot of wannabe firemonkeys working for private ambulance services who call it "the box" trying to sound cool. "Bus" is almost unheard of in Texas, and is generally uttered only by FNG's who learned everything they know about EMS from Turd Watch.

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brought to you by D.A.M.

Mothers Against Dyslexia.[/align:bae218e7fb]

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It depends. The patient care area is often the box ( sweep out the box). The whole thing is the Piece, the truck, the rig, or just the unit number. Depends on the mood and what other people in the conversation use.

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Around here we call it... "The Plane"


Look Boss...De Plane...De Plane...


The Moral of the story is the last choice on the voting....

Most of ours are Pieces of SH!T

oh....did I say that?

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Here in most of western NC we call it a truck. The agency right next to us calls it a car. We have a guy who used to call it a bus till we started calling him a truckie and that made him change his mind. About 20 years ago it was called a hearse no matter what you drove, van, truck, or converted hearse.

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