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Behold, my badass combat pack!

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Now that I have all my neat new in-theatre goodies, I thought I'd let everybody drool over my jump bag. :D

London Bridge Traders "NSW Training/Coverage Medical Backpack." Basically the same as a Blackhawk STOMP II at twice the price, and not as good. But I got a good deal on it.


All of the battle dressings, tourniquets, and haemostatic agents are in the front compartment.


All IV (NS and Hespan/Hetastarch) , airway, and splinting/wrapping supplies are in the rear compartment.


And what most people use for an intubation pouch, I used for an IV pouch.


The intubation equipment is in what most people use for an IV pouch, which is the removable pouch with the blue handle.

Here's the packing list:

  • 10 4x4 Sterile Gauze Sponges

4 Petrolatum Gauze Dressings

4 Asherman Chest Seals

5 HemCon 4x4 Haemostatic Dressings

4 Quick Clot Haemostatic Granules, 100gm Packages

2 4x7 Individual Combat Dressings

4 First Care Israeli Dressings

2 Cinch Tight 8x10 Compression Dressings

4 Triangular Bandages

1 Littmann Classic II Stethoscope

1 Adult Sphygmomanometer

1 Pulse Oximeter

3 CAT (Combat Application Tourniquet) Tourniquets

4 TraumaDex Haemostatic Powder, 5gm Applicators

4 4 inch Sterile Kerlix Bandages

9 Angiocath IV Catheters (3 ea. 14ga, 16ga, 18ga)

2 22ga 1½ in. Needles

2 F.A.S.T. 1 Intraosseous Infusion Sets

4 Bacitracin Ointment 0.9gm Packets

10 Alcohol Prep Pads

4 2x2 Sterile Gauze Pads

1 Roll, 1 inch Transpore Tape

3 IV Start Kits

3 Veni-Gard IV Site Covers

3 Tegaderm IV Site Covers

3 3cc Syringes

2 10cc Syringes

2 20cc Syringes

2 Rocephin, 1gm Injection

2 SAM Splints

2 6 inch ACE Bandages

2 4 inch ACE Bandages

2 3 inch ACE Bandages

1 Sterile Burn Sheet

1 Multi-Trauma Dressing

5 Assorted Adult Endotracheal Tubes

1 Cook Emergency Pneumothorax Set

1 Zippered Intubation Pouch

1 Nu-Trake Emergency Cricothyrotomy Set

1 Laryngoscope Handle w/2 C cell Batteries

1 #4 Miller Laryngoscope Blade

1 #3 Miller Laryngoscope Blade

1 Magill Forceps

1 Intubation Stylet

2 Adult Oropharyngeal Airways

2 Adult Nasopharyngeal Airways

1 10cc Syringe

1 KY Jelly Tube

1 1 inch Silk Tape Roll

1 Curved Haemostats

1 Needle Driver

1 Straight Iris Scissors

1 Tissue Forceps

3 Scalpels (1 each #10, #11, #15)

6 Assorted Cyalume Chemical Light Sticks

2 1000 cc Normal Saline IV

2 500 cc Hespan IV

4 IV Macrodrip Sets

1 Pneumatic Pressure Infusor

1 Bandage Shears

1 Mini Maglite

Yes, I know it is heavy and overpacked. But I don't hike with it. It is set up mainly for working extended periods in a bunker or aid station, and strictly for trauma. If I were a grunt, I would definitely pack lighter.

Comments? Suggestions?

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Yikes! That is quite the set-up! And I was the complaining about the weight of my bear kit - guess the priorities change a bit with the situation. All kidding aside, you stay safe, and keep your head down!

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Nice kit. Did they issue or did you have to go get it on your own?

A SGM I worked with who had been a medic gave me his old canvas medic bag he had used in South America a long time ago. Does not have the high-speed goodies you have, but works for keeping behind the seat of my truck and has sentimental value.

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So...about the Hespan....

Why Hespan over something else (like, say, albumin)? Advantages? Disadvantages? Do you like using it? Or is it something they make you carry?

Have you run into anything over there regarding a hypertonic saline solution? I think there was a thread on here not too long ago discussing that.

I'm doing my own reading on this. I'm just interested to hear first hand usefulness, thoughts and rationale for carrying.

-be safe

No! Seriously! Be safe!

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Paramedicmike, Hextend is what the US Army is using for treating casualties with controlled hemorrhage. It is essentially Hespan. (Hespan in a Ringers Lactate base) I believe this is an issued item.

Dustdevil, Nice bag, I have a STOMP II that is set up very close to your bag. It worked out very well as a support bag in LA. I tied it down to a quad and used it when we went on missions. However, I bet your bag is being used for more exciting missions than the ones I did. Do you have a medical pouch or pouches set up on your rack/plate carrier/IBA?

Take care,


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