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Dont Let this be your Agency

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I was also wondering about the 5 person crew. If true there seems to be some serious overstaffing. My bet is the state will do nothing. Looking forward to an update on the outcome.

Hey Gul, been to Quark's lately? It's always good to run into another Star Trek fan.

Live long and prosper.


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Fascinating,,,,... and the union... IAFF(Firefighters union.. NOT PARAMEDICS union) is defending them....... I'd like to hear some thoughts from other members about fire dept EMS.... when I was in NYC before the hostile takeover of EMS by FDNY,,, J. Fitch and associates came and did a survey on how EMS could improve response time.... we paid hundreds of thousands of dollars for them to tell us stuff we already knew like:

1. carry more than 2 O2 tanks on the ambulance so crews would not have to restock O2 after every call (NYS requires 2 D tanks to stay in service)

2. put restock supplies at area hospitals so that crews would not have to drive across town to restock, basic and ALS supplies.

3. Stagger the shift changes so that all units don't turn out at the same time leaving no units on the streets.

4. etc..

My point is this,,,, during the discussion with Fitch and associates we asked him and his staff what he thought about the rumor of impending doom. (FDNY takeover)..

He said "VERY FEW FIRE DEPT's RUN A QUALITY EMS system...." When I asked him to name some that do,,, he listed several,, the one that stood out was Seattle Washington,,, I'm sorry this was 15 years ago and I don't remember the other depts..

My point is do you agree with the statement? "most Fire Dept's don't run a quality EMS system "

And what are some Fire dept's that you feel do run a quality EMS system??

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O my dear god! I know that sometimes when its 4 o'clock in the afternoon and i haven't eaten lunch that run to the nursing home sucks, but i would never go back to my hall to eat or even pick up my lunch. The most i would do is kick myself for not bringing with me.

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SORRY SORRY SORRY ACE... I just can't believe an ems agency would do this ...

I appologize

No apologies necessary, I agree, and for the record, I apply the seach comment universally...Jate to be accused of discrimination..but I think you'll find some interesting points and information about this in other threads.

Hope this helps,


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First off, it sounds like they really need to contract a private service to handle the nursing home calls. I think it is funny that the family isn't wondering why it took a doctor's order to send their beloved elderly mother in the first place if she was really in that much pain. :roll: I've picked up a few nursing home patients that broke bones and they were sent out prior to calling the doctor...I guess pain management isn't considered a priority at that nursing home.

I do think it was stupid that they went out of their way to drop someone off...and if they were going to do it then they should have just pulled onto the pad, dropped off, and took off. I don't understand why they took the time to back in, get out, and I still wonder if she was left alone or was there someone in there with her?

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Here is some clarification on some of the questions you have been having.

Many of the NH calls are handled by HealthEast, btu things that come in as Code 2-Emergent or Code 3-Emergency are handled by the Fire Department as they are ProQA'd to be 911 Calls.

The SPFD provides Primary ALS coverage for St. Paul and they also have 2 BLS trucks (From how i understand Things)

The 5 People thing confused me. In Minnesota, everyone know that when you say that you see a "clown car" comign in, it is a SPFD EMS vehicle because they are dual role and everyone goes on every call so you see 4 people work they way out of a truck on every call. Another confusing thing, and maybe thsi is just rumor, but i understand that The Medic just performs the interventions and the Capt. on the truck writes the report, and from friends of mine who work at Regions (a Level I Trauma Center in St. paul) their documentation is piss poor.

medicman51 - feel safe, HCMC and North memorial do a wonderful job of Providing ALS to Minneapolis, sure you have a couple "Crispy " medics, but Hennepin County/ West Metro EMS run a tight ship. In order to remain providing ALS service in Hennepin county, you have to show that you make it to 90% of your runs in 8 minutes from time of dispatch receipt of call.

Minnesota has had a tough run with Fire Department Based ALS. Last Time I checked, there were only 8 departments that were the Primary ALS providers. msot are good, but St. Paul has a reputation. They ahve Great Equipment (Up to Date, Road Rescues, Ultrasound Machines, EZIO) Great Protocols (Pericardial Centesis, Liberal Guidelines)and some definite potential in the service area, but alot of their potential si Squandered away.

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:shock: Farking Brilliant! I am just stunned. I think the little old lady has money in her future.

The apology was less than pathetic. I can't believe someone in a position of authority can only get a day or two on the beach for being a complete tool. Frankly our medical director would have our heads for something so inept and ignorant.

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