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Where I am now in the "far north" on the James Bay coast is Northern Ontario, after living here I can't figure out why people call Sudbury (let alone Muskoka region) Northern Ontario. Northern Ontario starts in Cochrane IMO

Ummm for me Northern Ontario starts at Barrie...

Man, I think it would be interesting to work in the James Bay area for ummmm, a day. Probably get bored after that.

Trade ya...For a day.

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I love it how those from S. Ontario think Barrie is "northern" Ontario- I think thats hilarious- However, my opinion of Northern Ontario would be that it starts around Sudbury...But Im sure that after living WAY up north- even Sudbury seems southern.

I think your ADHD might kick in if you were in James Bay too long VS :)- Personally, Id love to go to the more northern (WAY) north areas of Ontario..beats the rat race of TO :D jk

Havent figured out where in Ontario Id like to say Im from- not sure where I consider home :lol:- So "Ontario" here :D

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I am from Kent, England

I am a paramedic

I have a cousin who lives in Kanata, Ontario

Sorry for butting in on your Canadian bit ....

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