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Career or Volunteer or Private Transport

Which one are you?  

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Ours is a volunteer service, with one full-time EMT to provide day shift coverage. We average 150 calls per year, and do not make a profit. I did a cost study, and EVERY time we opened our doors last year, it cost us over $700.00. With the increase in fuel and supplies, it will only go up this year per projections.

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I used to be volunteer... Then I was paid... Now I'm a supervisor for a transport company.

Hopefully I will be changing that soon... I miss the adrenaline rush :!: :!:

I just need to find a position that won't be a pay cut!! I can't afford another one! :!: :evil:

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all three of the above.... paid, start FT template by the end of hte month, volunteer at another company, and the paid company does 911s and non-emergency transports.

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Started in 1973 overall involvement with ambulance work. Indicated below, showing base of ops for each service. Except for the first one listed, and the municipal service, all are private proprietary non 911 service providers.

Peninsula Volunteer Ambulance Corps, Rockaway Peninsula, Queens County NY, (1973-1996) (Unpaid service)

Empire Oxygen Ambulance Service & Medical Supply Company, Brooklyn, NY (1975-1975)

Holmes Ambulance Service, Brooklyn, NY (1975-1978)

Midwood Ambulance/Ambulette and Medical Supply Service, Brooklyn, NY (1978-1978)

Taylor Ambulance Service, New York, NY (1978-1980)

Nassau Ambulance/Ambulette Service (division Di-Jer Corporation), Nassau County, NY (1980-1985)

New York City Health and Hospitals Corporation Emergency Medical Service, Maspeth, NY (1985-1996) (Municipal)

Fire Department New York Emergency Medical Service (following merger of NYC HHC EMS into FDNY, 03-17-96), Brooklyn, NY (1996-?) (Municipal)

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