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I would start with your employer.

In fact, I wouldn't work for an employer who made me provide my own equipment.

And if you are not employed, you probably don't need one. I stop at serious accidents several times a year and have yet to use anything more than a few 4x4's, instant kold packs, gloves and shears. Everything else in your bag will expire or crumble to dust before you use it.

And if for some reason you commonly find yourself in a wilderness situation or other unusual need for medical supplies, you would be MUCH better off tailoring your bag to your specific needs instead of relying on some schizophrenic, off-the-rack model that isn't particularly well suited for any purpose. There is a good thread here on the board about what people recommend for personal "jump bags" at http://www.emtcity.com/phpBB2/viewtopic.ph...002&start=0 . It will offer you some good information. And, of course, if you would like specific advice on preparation for specific situations, then ask away. Somebody here can definitely help you.

Galls is as good a place as any to start looking. Or you could be a good EMT Citizen and support this site by buying through one of the links on this page.

Congratulations on graduation!

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Tennessee's misguided attempt to eliminate EMT-B's.

You and I both hate it, but for different reasons. :wink:

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Stocked bags invariably suck. They have plenty of crap that you pay for and don't need, and not enough of the stuff you do. My advice: buy a decent empty kit on eBay and decide what you want to carry. You will save money and space this way. Especially if you lift the supplies from the ER. (I am NOT condoning theft. Some hospitals supply their EMS folks. Some of them even know that they do.)

If it is for personal off-duty use, carry plenty of BLS stuff and skip the ALS stuff. Carry what you need to stop bleeding and manage a basic airway, as well as tend to minor wounds that won't require ambulance transport. If it's for on-duty use, I agree with Dust (as usual), your employer should be providing it.


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You know what sucks? In NYS the official title of the paramedic level is AEMT-IV, as in Advanced EMT Level 4. I'm sure there are many people who think the title means an EMT who can start IV's, like the ones in Tennesee. First person to say "What's the difference" gets shot with a 12 gauge semi automatic.

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Is this for personal use while off duty for one of those "just in case" situations or do you actually have to provide your own bag/gear for work?

If it's for those off duty, "just in case" scenarios you should probably check with the legal guys at your squad to see what you can and can't do off duty. Good Samaritan laws vary from state to state and it would suck for you to go out and spend all this money on items that you won't be able to (or shouldn't for personal legal protection) use.

Congrats on passing. Now don't stop learning. Continue with school and your education. And double check with the legal types in your state to make sure all that nifty IV gear you want to buy/carry is in fact a good idea.

-be safe.

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