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What kind of boots do you wear?

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I don't wear boots. I never have worn boots. I'm not a cowboy, fireman, cop, or paratrooper. Except when the bullshit coming from administration starts getting deep, I have never had a need for boots. I have yet to figure out why so many in EMS are obsessed with boots. I suppose for the same reason they are obsessed with badges. :?

I wear ankle height, non-skid sole, steel toe safety shoes. Cheaper than boots. Lighter than boots. More comfortable than boots. More professional looking than boots. Easier to take on and off than boots. Less leather to polish than boots. And low enough to not interfere with my shin guards.

Unless you are working a really rural area where you spend a lot of time in the pastures and ditches, I am unable to find any good reason to wear boots in the average urban or suburban system. Especially if all you do is drive grandmas to dialysis all day. But even when working a rural system, I still just had bunker boots in the ambo to put on in case they were needed. Rarely were they needed.

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Scaramedic is confused.

Ever tried to wear elastic shin guards over your boots? It doesn't work very well.

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Tiz true...

If I had a chance to go back I would of purchased ankle high safety toe shoes. I wear my safety toe boots now, but I have more use for them during my nature hikes then EMT work in the city. They get real icky after 13 hours of driving and ems work. If your urban service requires them than you don't have much choice. We're not required to tuck our BDU's into our boots, so why bother. The extra support might assist you with your stair chair jobs or what not but really, it's not that big a helper.

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Why wear shinguards?

Other than the obvious "To Guard my shins!"

If there is another reason, I am unaware of it.

Isn't that enough? :?

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