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What cell phone do you use? (Personal or work)

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Yes, I'm bored...

Currently have this...


Probably getting this soon...


Great phone (as in reception/call quality) and a MP3 player and 1.3 megapixel camera too boot (I don't have an Ipod or digital camera).


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This is what my wife and I have:


This is what we use on our medics:

i530yr_l.gif (PIECE OF CRAP)

We use Nextel for our personal and business. We are so fed up with Nextel. We thought when they merged with Sprint, the service would have been better, but it still sucks.

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My phone is unusual because it only makes and receives phone calls, what a concept! :wink:

Here's what Dr. Bledsoe had to say about cell phone and driving.


Comments? Buehler?...................., Buehler?...........

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I seriously hope they institute a cell phone ban while driving with associated heavy fines here.

People don't know how to drive anyway. Add a cell phone to the mix...Man, I could KILL some of these people...

Working downtown, I see the worst of drivers. But sure enough, 9/10 times you drive by them and they have a cell phone in their hand. I was going to inset some stereotypes, but ummmm maybe not. B)

Luckily, I have various air horns and PA systems at work at my disposal for these people...

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i have a Palm treo 650.

I use it for both work and personal use. great little phone. Has a camera with a 2x zoom, can take up to ten minites of video with the onbaord memory. memory can be expanded to 2 gig with an SD card. also has mp3 player email and internet access, not to mention all of the normal palm software.


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I just have my little blue Kyocera slider phone. It doesn't do any fancy tricks except for accept calls and dial out. I use it for work and personal. I don't have the money like Race to get one that does neat tricks. I must have spent all of my money on my Lika M7 with the built in light sensor!


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I have a NEXTEL. Because my scheduler has a NEXTEL... and well.... it makes me a lot of money to be a blee-bleep away... B)

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I work for quite a progressive service and they supply all the medics with these...


They are amazing... they not only take incoming and outgoing calls, they also repair broken bones, diagnose rare illnesses, track down alien life forms, and when set to stun are an effective psych pt deterrent. If your company is interested in purchasing a similar product more information can be found at Zaine medical equipment

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Okay, I am a POOR ambulance driver !


Which, reminds me .. I have to get some longer string !

R/r 911

guess you are on my party line .......is that why i can never use the phone........hey dude get off my string..........lmao

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