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Who does the Rescue work where you are

Who Runs the Squad Truck where you are  

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cause i am nostalgic.. i don't know.. i was talking w/ some people again about it... and was currious what the new people thought... had to saw... i am not going to bump many more... the one i really wanted to bump was the O2 fire one... i was just currious about this one...

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At risk of starting a battle of the badges (again!), we have NYPD Emergency Services, and FDNY Rescue companies. They are always discussing with the Mayor's Office of Emergency Management as to who is in charge of what type emergency. Case in point?...

Report of possible explosive device? NYPD (Bomb Squad), unless it blows up, then, it's FDNY (put out the fire).

A couple of years ago, a helicopter crashed into the river, witnessed by a FDNY Rescue company specializing in SCUBA. They put divers into the river. Moments later, NYPD Emergency Services Unit, with SCUBA on board, arrived, and ORDERED FD SCUBA OUT OF The Water!

As 2 persons on the helo died, both agencies tried to explain that FD didn't speak PD, PD didn't speak FD.

Bull! If both run SCUBA teams, the common languages have got to be "Diver/SCUBA", and, as this is New York City, "English" (supposedly, anyway).

Different area under the city's dual coverage. Car into tree, NYPD ESU arguing with FDNY Ladder Company as to who's in charge. A "Truckee" ends up in full turnout gear, and Smith & Wesson Handcuffs, on the front page of the New York Daily News, under allegation he went and locked the doors to the NYPD vehicles, with the keys inside. As for the patient, an ambulance crew did a light extrication and full immobilization of the guy and transported, while the PD and FD guys were arguing (this was pre-FDNY/EMS merger).

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Out here in Iowa in our area, FD/Rescue help each other. Since manpower is limited in Volunteer Depts. we work together. Many of our Firefighters are trained First Responders, Emt B, Paramedics, makes for a happy family, and makes extrication of some nasty vehicle accidents a whole lot easier and quicker.

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We have Fire and Rescue squad in our community of about 2,500. They have an excellent squad that trains vigorously (2x month), with plenty of continuing education and seminars every year. They have good equipment (but as Ive always said what good is your equipment if you dont know how to properly use it?) They have a big MCI training event twice a year which does a complete extrication and pt care of the casualites. Do I trust my life with these guys? ABSOLUTELY!


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The service I work for is a totally separate entity from the fire department(s). Although a fair share of our personnel are trained firefighters and a good amount of firefighters have medical training, ems and FD are not one and the same. There are actually 8 different volunteer fire departments in our service area. They each cover their own portion of our area, and many times utilize each other's resources in order to serve the communities. (Most of the time, more than one department is dispatched for whatever the call may be... the CAD dispatches them in the appropriate order for location/needed services)

As far as rescue goes, firefighters fight fires... The cutting of vehicles and such is also left to the FD. However, it is not uncommon to see an ems employee climb inside a vehicle to perform patient care. We, like the FD, are required to wear full turnout at accident scenes.

The FD frequently responds as first responders throughout our area. We utilize them if we have a delayed response (like from a hospital) or if the call requires more assistance than we have personnel available. Most, if not all, of the firefighters who respond have at least some medical training. Many times, it is our own off-duty personnel who respond.

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Funny this post should re-surface (pardon the pun) right now; I've just returned from the first of several water rescue classes put on by my agency! :D

At the class (basic water rescue) I learned they also offer swift water rescue and ice rescue in addition to the other stuff I already knew they did (confined space, rope, etc).

The agency works with FD on many/most/all rescues though. Someone here once explained it thusly: "We work with FD on situations like this but we often are the first ones to arrive so we train for rescue work and occasionally get to use that training in the field".

So I guess you'd say it's something of a co-opted arrangement.


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down here in Australia fire does the rescues in cities and towns, either proper FF's or volunteers, but in the country it is done by the State Emergency Service (SES) who are all volunteers. SES are also responsible for searching for missing people in the wilderness and helping after serious storms, like helping to remove trees and stop roofs from leaking.

Not all Australia

in nsw the (perm full time) ambulance service and the police and the fire brigade do it in the metro areas (tech rescue) the police and ambulance do vertical rescue

in rural areas there are some full time ambulance police and fire but in most cases it is vol squad that do tech rescue and vertical.

All ems is done by the full time paid ambulance service

stay safe

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