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Challenging NCLEX

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WOW!  Dust may have passed into the great unknown but his legacy is alive and well when you realize he has prompted vigorous discussions so many years later.  I never met Dust personally but I did have several off line conversations with him and I can only say I thought he was one of the most perceptive and caring persons I ever encountered.  He really wanted everybody in EMS to excel and fools and idiots were not tolerated.  Sadly every profession has far to many fools and idiots.  Dust was an icon and everyone should strive to attain the pinnacle he set and be satisfied to only reach 70% of his stature.

The RN versus paramedic argument needs to be put to rest but I suspect this will never happen.  Each has a different job and one does not automatically transfer to the other.  Nurses are paid more but they also have more education (not enough in my mind) and have employers that with better financial resources.  

In Pennsylvania, critical care nurses can take the state paramedic exam only after they complete an EMT course and jump through many hoops.  PA uses the National Registry exam for initial certification but not for recertification.  After passing the exam, RNs are certified as Prehospital RNs and not paramedics.  I was a paramedic (nationally registered in 1990) before I was an RN and only had to fill out some forms to obtain PHRN status while maintaining paramedic status with PA.

Dust is smiling upon us from above knowing that once again he has ticked somebody off and made them post heart felt opinions  sparking new conversations.  We can never improve unless we are challenged.  

RIP Dust and thanks for the memories.


May the tube be with you. 

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