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...but if he was the upstanding guy he apparently was, he'd own that. 


Did you read his very next contribution to the discussion?  Did any of you guys go back and read beyond Dust's initial comments in the thread?



On 2/27/2006 at 11:20 PM, Dustdevil said:

I just want to clarify that my last comment was not aimed at you.


After reading it again, it looks like I was referring to you. Sorry for any misunderstanding.


Canan, I don't know exactly what I said that you took exception to. But if your friend finished the Excelsior program, then he is the rare exception and a LOT smarter and more motivated than the average EMT in this country. That means his chances of becoming a great nurse are excellent. But I stand by my statement that he would have become a better nurse faster through traditional education. There is absolutely no two ways about that. Rid is entirely correct. There are not enough similarities between the two professions to put even an experienced paramedic significantly ahead of the game in nursing education. And let's face it; an EMT doesn't know dick that is going to help him in nursing school.


Excelsior is a great program. And in my experience, anybody who actually finishes it is a sharp cookie with a lot of maturity and motivation. But the fact remains that you miss out on a tonne of clinical experience, and it becomes VERY obvious when you start working as a nurse.


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WOW!  Dust may have passed into the great unknown but his legacy is alive and well when you realize he has prompted vigorous discussions so many years later.  I never met Dust personally but I did hav

Well my respect to the dead. The fact that he died doesnt change the fact that the comment he made was made in a moment of ignorance and showed lack of insight towards towards the medical profession. Even his rebuttle was lacking intellect. If you agree with his statement well. I take it you share his insight in the matter or maybe went to school together.

Across our great nation we have Paramedics and RNs working as a unit together in as a team providing airevac services. Yet there is a dumb reasoning that one is better than the other.

I speak as one who practices still as a field medic and an ER nurse. Same job different setting. I hold both profession to high reguard as equals. If he or anyone else feels less as a medic, blame the place where you got your training. This feeling is ussualy tipic al with Army Medic but it's mainly because the military teaches bare bone medicine. And I know this because I use to tech Bravo company medics. And the army curriculum leaves a lot to be desired.

Once agian my respects to the dead but just because they died doesnt negate past ignorance.

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How is it ignorance?  Did you read and comprehend the discussion taking place starting with the initial question posed?  Or did you jump to conclusions and instantly feign offense because you didn't take the time to think through what was being said in the context presented?   Your posts so far point to the latter which, sadly, only proves the point Dust was trying to make with his initial comments in the thread.

You are missing the point being made entirely.  Whether innocently or on purpose for some other nefarious reason remains to be seen.  Please go back and read, from the beginning, the thread starting with the question posed in the OP. 

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Well I'm going to sit back and watch this one play out.  

I knew dust personally and usually the people who took most offense by his comments were those who knew they were true but didn't want to admit that their preconcieved notions of how great EMT's and medics are, and how they should be able to challenge any nursing test or do the same job as nursing is just a idiotic thought process. 

it's like those meme's out there with a bloody ambulance and the caption is saying, we do everything an ER can do only better and at 70 miles an hour.  Well that's a stupid meme and holds tons of untruths.  Until we can do everything an ER Can do mobilly, then that meme will remain untrue. 

Dust was a tireless advocate for further educaiton for medics and emts.  Taking one discussion of many of his and criticising him for those comments is also undeducated and assenite. (is assenite really a word?)

Dan I hope that you stick around and look up more of Dusts posts, you will find that your opinion of him may change.  Or the single thread that you read may have poisoned your opinion of him forever.  Either or, makes no difference to those who knew Dust and understood where he was coming from know that he had EMS best interests at hand and heart.  He did not suffer fools lightly. 

I wonder what he would say to this thread being resurrected and live again?  Anyone know a psychic who can talk to the dead?


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Dust wasn't the only one who didn't, or doesn't, suffer fools lightly.  If you're interested in intelligent, well reasoned and fact based discussion this is the place to be.  It has been the place to be for years.  If you're looking for some ego-fluffing prepare to be disappointed. 

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5 minutes ago, paramedicmike said:

  If you're looking for some ego-fluffing prepare to be disappointed. 

Yeah, that's at the other site - the voldemort site, that which won't be named. 

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