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Yes, they do send one with your passed announcement. I have one here somewhere but couldn't put it on my uniform. Heck in most places people wouldn't know what to look for. As was already said, you have a uniform and patches, it looks official so most wouldn't question it. Here in the small town I am in it would be a little harder because everyone pretty much knows everyone else. A big city though, I could see it would be easy to impersonate an EMT.

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Yeah, most do not there are preferred ways in wearing the NREMT patch... i.e left shoulder, 1 1/2'' from the shoulder. They even have subdued for SWAT, military etc.. It also has a trade mark.. I get chuckles with my patch collection of mine. I have one of the original "charter" member then the NREMT/ ambulance, then the NATIONAL bar on top, etc.. hmm maybe someday I might have to sell them for retirement money ... :wink:

Don't know that I can find my patch, but I've got one of the old 'charter member' pins around here somewhere.

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I see they changed the M on the EMT had the 3 line m...whenI used to work with a couple Tx guys, we would make a couple extra bars on the E to change it to S the M into H & I then T .. it spells out SH*T ..lol

Be safe,

R/R 911

Didn't even notice the difference, mine are the old M and they still say Texas Department of Health on them. Also the patch is outlined in blue instead of black like the new ones.

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I'd love to have one of the original NREMT-A patches. I only had a couple, and both are long since lost.

If anybody has one to sell or trade, let me know.

I've still got one of the original, light blue Texas EMT patches from the early 1970's. Much better than the current ones.

Texas patches suck. WAY too big. That photo Nate posted is actual size. :)

Meh... I don't even wear patches when I can get away with it. Patches are for wankers.

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