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Do you believe there should be so many certifications recognized by one state  

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I'm not sure if this has been asked before, but i was curious what different certifications each respective state recognizes. In Iowa they recognize the following

EMT-FR First responder

EMT-PFR Police First Responder

EMT-PD Police Defib

EMT-A EMT-Ambulance......still recognized no new certs

EMT-D EMT Defig.....still recognized no new certs


EMT-I EMT Intermediate (NREMT-:D

EMT-P EMT-Paramedic (NREMT-I)

EMT-PS EMT-Paramedic Specialist (NREMT-P)

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Pennsylvania is a little more simple I believe.

First Responder (first aid and BCLS if I recall correctly)

EMT-Basic (following the NR standard for testing)



pretty sure that's about it.

EMT-HP (read AS health professionaL) FOR STREET md'S AND CCRN'S

Recent addition of EMT-PA (physician assistant)

otherwise, your basically correct

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Whats the Difference between a regular first responder and a police first responder? And as far as all the different certs and titles it seems alot to keep up with at the state level, perhaps it is job security for some one in the office of EMS. Here I know we just have First Responder, EMT-B, EMT-P, And the Office of EMS here is ran by a near skeleton crew. Interesting to see how things work in other states though.

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State of Missouri

If I remember right

First Responder



I like the KISS principle. Keep It Simple Stupid

I never understood the need for multiple types of certifications. Seems like overkill to me. I mean come on Police First Responder?? Who thought of that silly thing. No offense to the police first responders out there but really.

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South Carolina




Every level has to pass the NR exam for their initial certification. After which you can choose to just keep up your state certification. There are some "older" providers that were never Nationally Registered and have kept up their state certifications. There are first responders, but no state requirements or regualtions as far as what they are "legally" allowed to do. Most agencies that I'm familiar with in the county I work for that run first responder calls allow their FR's to perform basic patient care. CPR/AED, O2 admin, splinting and bandaging, immobilization if EMS isn't there yet.

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Ah, the question which is asked weekly appears on a Tuesday this week.


LP - Licensed Paramedic (paramedic with an AAS in EMS or a BS in any other discipline)

EMT-P - Tech school paramedic

EMT-I - Intermediate (mixed 85 and 99 standards, depending on school. Not many in Texas)

EMT-B - Basic

ECA - Emergency Care Attendant (40 hour first responder course. Not allowed to work ambulance.)

All except ECA are National Registry.

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