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Google your death :P

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Well Timmy committed suicide, after girl friend problems.

But 200 of my friends painted a large roadside boulder with the words: "In loving memory of Timmy” My friends left sports jerseys, flowers, and mementos of what I loved in life.

My friends rock! lol

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WOW! If i could pick one death out of all of these, I'd have to pick the least painful but so far all of them look painful :shock:

[*] Jessica was killed by a drunk driver

[*] Jessica was killed by a tall Sikh: Jethmalani Harish V Nair New Delhi on November 8, 2006. (my dad died Nov 9th) weird!

[*] Jessica was killed by the Garou before help could arrive

[*] Jessica was killed by a convicted sex offender Jessica, was killed by a cyborg ... Jessica was killed by terrorists Jessica was killed by one sick perp

[*] Jessica was killed by a freight train

[*] Jessica, was killed by being thrown of a pent house balcony, in 1974. (so i guess im a ghost right now)

[*] Jessica was killed by a .22 bore gun

[*] Jessica was killed by the demon that killed the boys’ mother 22 years ago (hmmm demons!)

[*] Jessica was killed by Navjot Singh Sidhu/Rabbi Shergill/Manmohan Singh. (say that 10x fast)

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