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Zoll M series - Things that may not be common knowledge...

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1) If you are restricted to having only 3-lead capability (like me, booooo), you can at least get a better picture of the ST segment by putting the monitor in diagnostic mode. Do this by pressing and HOLDING DOWN the "recorder" button (print the strip button). You will see it say DIAGNOSTIC on the screen, keep holding for a diagnostic view in the lead that you are on. I'm not sure if you have to be in manual for this.

2) You can analyze in manual mode. A lot of people don't know this. You simply have to be on the PADS under your lead options. And of course have the defib pads on.

Anything else that may not be common knowledge?

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Hmmm... Okay, so I played with a Zoll M in class today. I like several things about it. Of course I LOVE the size of it! The friggin LP12 is definitely a boat anchor. And I love the logical layout of the controls on the Zoll. And I especially love that it is biphasic. Dislikes? The screwy accordion fold paper and tray. And it sure doesn't hold much of it. I can see having to put more paper in it during almost every code. And having to take my gloves off to do it. Also, it seems a little flimsy. Anybody had problems with the handle breaking off?

I'll spend more time with it this coming week and check out the 12 lead features, etc...

There is plenty to dislike about the LP12 too, so I could actually come to prefer the Zoll pretty easily.

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Has anyone else's agency had a Zoll that would not defib? My last agency had a unit give an error message instead of electrical therapy in a code situation. As you can imagine, it was not pretty. Having to rendezvous with another unit to get a functioning defibrillator is a BAD thing, lol.

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Zoll M series are great to be replaced by any other defib/monitor on the market.....

I don'd know about the zoll but the lifepack 12s you need to enter manual mode, disable the VF/VT alarms and then under print options switch into diagnostic mode.

nsmedic393 -- I believe that once that is set up in the lifepak's then you are all set -- you shouldn't have to perform that same function every time you enter manual mode. Check with your service, perhaps they are using the option that requires anyone attempting to enter manual mode to have a passcode to access it.

Zoll's do make really pretty shelf decorations, they are great when you "trade them in" and now have a training monitor, and they are blue an white.........

My service had 2 M series monitors -- we kept getting a wandering baseline (the best test for this was in the middle of a grass field, at night, with no lights, people or vehicles around -- monitoring looked like you were traveling over a roller-coaster) and never got a conclusive answer from the factory reps. Of course we did get the "It can't be the machine, it's not the way your people are setting anything up with it, so we don't know." (basically tough sh** and deal with it) and decided that since Physio-Control was the common option that every service around us was using--why not become compatible with the other services? We now own 2 Lifepak 12's and have had very few problems with them.

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Anybody seen one of the new Zoll E Series yet? Maybe it's better than the M.

And according to the website, the E series is the blue and white one, not the M series.

Ruggedness is what they are pushing as the big selling point for the E series. It still has that flimsy, pivoting plastic handle though. But at least it's on the bottom now instead of the top, which was exceptionally silly.

The LP12 just has too many damn controls and gadgets on it. Too cluttered. Too big. Too heavy. Besides 12 lead capability and a bigger viewing screen, the 12 doesn't offer me anything useful that I didn't have with the LP10.

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