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Should Paramedic Programs be CoAEMSP or let the states approve?

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19 hours ago, yakc130 said:

Interesting. I have registry, and I did not receive an email notifying me of any of this.

You will not get an email notifying you of this - the unfortunate thing is that they don't notify any of us of anything like this, we have to be proactive and read up on this on our own.  


I'm against this - plain and simple.  The new emt's and medics that are coming out of school and getting licenced are a hodge podge of quality over quantity. 


I had a brand new EMT get hired at my agency.  She had no idea how to put a regulator on a oxygen bottle.  She didn't know really what the heck a Long spine board was or what it might or might not have been used for.  Traction splint - yeah that is a long metal splint that you use if you have time.  

These people are being taught to the test and the test only.  Ask em to think critically and they fall apart.  I'm not saying they all do this but the majority of those I've seen are ill prepared to face a critical situation until they are hired and have a strong preceptor to hold their hand and tell em what to do.  They rely on just enough to get by.  

If we allow this change to happen and it WILL happen if not enough of us step up and make our voices heard, people are going to suffer and they will die.  Not to be a doom sayer and negative nelly but remember back to when you were a brand new medic. Remember how much you didn't know, now take away the degree aspect of the learning and put the licensure in the hands of an already strapped overworked state bureau of EMS to oversee dozens if not hundreds of new fresh emt's and medics taking their classes and learning and just how can an already strapped and overworked and underfunded and understaffed agency like the bureau of EMS  (Yes I know you like to bash your state bureau of ems because i do to) and expect them to take on even more responsibility in overseeing all these education programs and ushering in these new undereducated students - soon to be new providers.  Do you see the problems here???  


This is an awful rule proposal and it's going to get your grandmother injured or killed.  maybe not yours but someones.  

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