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ProPaq Encore Compatibility Info PLEASE!


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OKAY, yes, I know these are definitely older and no longer top of the line.  That said and acknowledged, we are a rural fire district that has never done vary many transports, leaving that to private ambulance companies.  These days that is having to change due to a combination of COVID, economy, scarcity of EMTs, and VERY LONG turn around times at ER.  So, we are now transporting about an hour each way over rural (bumpy) roads.  Many of our patients are elderly. 

We have resolved to add automatic or semi-automatic vital sign monitoring to supplement our all-manual current practice.  Because of price, availability, and reputation and a generous in-kind donation of several of them, we have decided to go with the Welch Allyn ProPaq Encore line.  We have mostly 202EL and 206 EL units, with Option Numbers of mostly 223 and 225.  These units, therefore, use Nellcor SpO2 sensors but from there I am confused.  Some say MP-203 sensor and some say MP-507 sensors.  I have also been told that Nellcor DS-100A sensors are what we need and I can find off-brand replacements for those.  I particularly want to maintain the motion tolerance that made these model popular "back in the day."

Can anyone help me with which goes with what for the SpO2 sensors?  Also, a smaller matter is that I cannot find even a part number for the DC (12 volt) three-pin power cables. 


Thanks so much for any info, wisdom, suggestions or hand-holding anyone can provide.  Take care everyone!

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