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Critical Care Training


What kind of Critical Care training do you have?  

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    • 1. Air Crew Training
    • 2. CCEMT-P Training
    • 3. State CCT Training
    • 4. EMS Agency Specific CCT Training

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My husband and three other medics from the service attended Critical Care classes 2 1/2 years ago. Needless to say, one medic failed the test, and only three became CCEMTP's. The three year period is almost up on the Critical Care training, and only one Critical Care Paramedic (my Husband) remains at the service. The other two quit. The one who failed is now the EMS Director. Needless to say, there have been NO classes for continuing education for this anywhere in the state that he could attend, so my husband will be losing his Critical Care.

It is nice to get it, but the CE's needed aren't available around here.

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Interesting this just got brought up. I am starting the CCEMT Baltimore Maryland class next month. I have heard it is very challenging. I am just taking the class for further knowledge to better service my patients. I have worked on a MICU for one year without this training. (State of Michigan, and the company I work for does not require you to be certified before doing Critical Care Transports) Does anyone have any advise for preparation before starting the class? Any good books out there I should purchase to make studying a little easier? I would appreciate anyones feedback. Thanks

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8) 8) This course is very comprehensive and it is a great experience. Be prepared to study a lot. Make time for out of class study groups.. I took the course 2 years ago and we had 17 that started and we all finished...thanks to study groups. Help your fellow students and it will be a blast.. if you do not pass it on the first attempt.. Take it again as soon as you can. :P If you pm me and give me your e-mail address and I will send you some study materials.

Much Love and Respect


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CC-EMT-P is not really recognized in NYC but it is an available option mostly have tot ravel out of state to obtain it, but you can get a high paying interfacility transport job with it specifically with NY Presbyterian hospital.

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