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I am writing this in hope of feedback, I have a nephew that has passed the EMT class, he passed his practicals.. The problem now comes with the actual National Registry test. He has failed 4 times, the kid does legitimately have a learning disability and qualifies for special accommodations  . As I am helping him fill out the papers I am not sure what to request. Other than more time maybe ?   

This is really heartbreaking to my family he worked so hard and knows the material, he just does not test good.. 


Thank You 



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sorry you haven't gotten a response but this is my advice

1.  do not allow him to retake the test until you speak directly with the registry.  

2.  Talk to them about what accomodations they can give him and what he qualifies for. 

3.  Ask them what kind of study guides or assistance they can offer for him to prep for the next attempt at the test.  

4.  DO NOT ALLOW HIM TO TAKE THE TEST AGAIN until you have done all 3 of the above. 


He only gets 2 more times before he has to I believe take a refresher course and you don't want him to do that.  Just call the registry and talk to them.  We can give you advice here but please go to the source and call them directly, they are the experts about their testing process and what accomodations that they can offer someone with a disability.  


That's my advice.  

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